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more reviews for ''Remember Me''

reviews for Remember Me's refreshing to find the Celtic Tenors cultivating a boys-next-door image and a straight-from-the-heart delivery...the warm sincerity of the title song, Phil Coulter's "Remember Me," recorded with a simple piano accompaniment, brings the disc to a close on the poignant note so typical of these tenors at their best.

-- Barnes &


an impassioned album of crossover-classical sure to stir the hearts and souls of their fans world-wide. The richly textured harmonies and lush orchestrations that carry The Celtic Tenors' music are outstanding to say the least
-- EXP Magazine


While they make the expected Celt moves, they aren't afraid to incorporate world beat elements

-- Midwest Record Recap


Remember me?  of course!
That lovely new CD by the Celtic Tenors is dedicated to one theme only: Love in all its facettes. Starting with Non siamo Isole  We are not Islands featuring Brian Kennedy and the Tenors doing the Italian Chorus is telling how falling in love unites you with all mankind and you are not lonely any more. And the beautiful Ten Thousand Tears brings Puccinis Opera Madama Butterfly into focus, almost sounding as if a stunned Pinkerton muses about what he did to that young girl and it was by thoughtlessness rather than by design& The Humming Chorus as background and the voice of Majella Cullagh joining James Nelson for a short duet in the best opera tradition. Next is You raise me up and it is a gem, Samantha Mumba as a guest star. I love the simple lyrics  they go straight to your heart and the wonderful music stands for itself! All out of Love hurries you back into the 80s and as the Tenors have Air Supply on this track with them, it is truly authentic and a little sad. But wow  do all these voices fit each other! Call it a song for all children that died too young  this is the beautiful Angel of Mercy. With the Tenors sings here Deirdre, sister of Matthew Gilsenan and maybe you could call it the song of the love of parents for their little ones. Danny Boy, a capella, newly recorded, stunningly simple and beautiful, a fathers love for his son, no need to talk more about it, is next, followed by Erics Song, and this is love for all mankind, its about a prisoner on death row, his own lyrics set into music by James Nelson. Gives you something to think about& Now then, this is a beaut, Caruso is sung by Niall Morris and this aria about Caruso, ill and knowing that his life will end soon, coming home and falling in love again seems to show we need love till the end . Deep in your Heart (Liam Lawton) is another one that is not only beautiful but might want to make you think it over, making it clear that only you can make your own decisions and live with the consequences these inflict on the people around you. The love you feel for persons, that have passed away already, but you feel them Still By Your Side is the next song dedicated to, its one of those lovely Jimmy Mac Carthy songs that cling to your memory& And now the Title-Song  Remember me comes, telling about a soldier thinking of his love on the evening before a battle, sorry, this is a theme that will never go out of fashion. The song in itself is beautiful done by these three singers, and so, to sum it up, I just can say: The whole CD is stunningly beautiful and really worth to Remember It.

-- Gertraut, Vienna