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2002-11-24 Fulda

reviewed by Cassie


Well, coming to my last CT concert in Fulda (aw, so bad that it was my last one this year:'-(( ).... As you can imagine, it was a fantastic one again! It seems to me that the lads and Deirdre improve from concert to concert, even if you think they can't do it better!!!!! It was extraordinary and it will never be forgotten! We, means Anja#1, Alex, Patricia and me, had a lot of fun as had the guys and Deirdre (my impression! correct me if it is different....). They sang the songs which we have heard in Cologne and Frankfurt, too, but with more fervency. I love "Star of the County Down" and the "Moulin Rouge Medley" as well as the "Operetta Medley" with the dancing of Niall and Matthew.....


We prepared a surprise for the lads for that song as well as for one song during the encores, but I think David, "the piano man", did his job to give them a hint, too good and they tried to play tricks and ignored us during the Operetta Medley.... We prepared signboards for each of them to give them marks (like during figure skating up to mark 6.0, for the technique and impression... A and B grades).... :-)))))


Well, they cheated us, but we got them nevertheless!!!! Hee hee.... you remember, I mentionned the song with the dancing in the encores? Well, we showed the signs again and Niall first saw it! He first looked a little bit irritated, then like he couldn't believe what he was seeing and then he meant that the note was too low for him, having a twinkle in his eyes and showing a disappointed thumb down...... We had a big laugh! We got them!!!! A comparable reaction could be seen when James recognized the signs whereas Matthew showed a broad smile!!! Well, the "penalty" followed immediately.... we had to come in front of the stage to show the signboards to the audience! We got a laughter from the audience, too..... :-))) What Matthew, Niall and James didn't see first, we portayted them at the back of the signs..... inside the zero of the final mark 6.0!!! ;-))) We demonstrated the portrays to them in front of the stage. They were amused!!! We also made a signboard for David, which can be seen in the photo section....


The soli of all three tenors and Deirdre were tremendous! James "Summer of my dreams" is one of my favourites when always cold shudders went down my back and Niall's "Love of my life" is an absolutely extraordinary interpretation of Freddy Mercury's song! I never thought that someone can sing it beside Freddy in such a wonderful way!!! And Matthew's "Contender" needs no further description, it is a great song with deep feelings!


And again, Deirdre!!! She is so adorable, the clear voice performing "Will you love me tomorrow" is exceptional! Americans, you will love her, too!!! The duets with Deirdre were fabulous as well, especially "Dream a little dream of me" (with Matthew) and the "Moulin Rouge Medley" with Niall. And after the song "All I asked of you" with James and Deirdre, we sighed deeply! So great......


For sure they sang "You're my hearts delight", the FanClub song. They sang it with twinkling eyes and in their typical charming way and we stood up afterwards to thank them. :-))


As always, the time went by too fast and the breath taking concert was over. Our last one!!! *boo hoo* :'-((((((((((


After the show, after the signing where a lot of people from the audience appeared (I am sure that they will come again at the next tour), we had the chance to talk to James, Niall, Matthew and Deirdre, and as well David. We had much fun and we took pictures as well, as you can see in the pictures section. They were very happy that the atmosphere was good at the concerts and that we made some performances, too, in order to encourage the audience to follow (clapping, singing, standing ovations etc....). Concerning the standing ovations... the audience in Fulda was better, the stood up early and stayed whereas the Frankfurt folks were very stiffed.... :-((( (although they clapped much). The guys seemed to have had a lot of fun, too, during the concerts due to our (the fans) ideas carried out during the events. Am I right, Niall, James, Matthew?? Well, I enjoyed every second of the concerts and the time after very much! I won't forget it! Never!!! And I hope that they will return soon next year, for additional concerts! "I will wait for you"!!!! And please return with all the musicians (who were great too; please pass on my honors to them as well), Uwe (the merchandise man and bus driver in one person! hope to see you next year as well), Olli (who we go, too! :-)) he was relaxed at Fulda; you can see him in the photo section too) as well as the light and sound responsibles (sorry, I forgot the names).


James, Niall, Matthew, Deirdre: