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2002-11-24 Fulda

reviewed by Alexandra

Another one from Alexandra who was not supposed to be there ;-)

Dear friends, just a quick note to let you know that we had yet another FANTASTIC night in Fulda. The guys once again did a great show and were in a splendid mood - and so were we, too - again with a lot of mischief... ;-) (Cassie, Patricia, Anja-Dwarf and my self, that is)

I'm awfully tired now and can't bear thinking about my alarm clock throwing me out of bed in only a few hours, but I just had to give you this small message - more to follow tomorrow!

right now - I'm back from work, so it's time for a little review about last night's concert in Fulda.

I had arrived in Fulda already around midday in order to have a look around this lovely baroque-style town. It was a very nice Sunday, so I enjoyed walking around all the old buildings, the castle park and the cathedral. At approx. half past three I met up with Anja-Dwarf and Cassie and we went to a small café where we also met Patricia a short time later. Here Anja unfortunatly had a little accident and sprained her ankle when she was walking down some stairs - I suppose she just shouldn't try to climb anymore stairs in connection with a CT concert - seems to be a dangerous combination...

One hour before the concert we entered the "Orangerie" in Fulda where the concert was to take place. We had a drink and started getting into the right mood. Met up with David who was once again really pleased to meet us and almost forgot to get changed in time... We finally entered the concert hall and organised a chair for Anja to put up her injured foot - quite an awkward position for enjoying a concert...

And enjoying it we certainly did!!! All four of us went through a constant changing of moods - from very emotional moments where the big Kleenex box we had brought along was more than necessary to moments where there was nothing but mischief going on. But it worked - in the end the whole hall was on their feet, clapping, singing and dancing. One of the really good moments was when we showed the marks for technical and artistic impression - Anja and Cassie had prepared the signs for it - one of them you can see on the picture with David ans Cassie! The guys even directed us to come in front of the stage to show them to the rest of the audience - of course now the overall marks were all 6.0!!!

Had another great chat with the guys and Deirdre after the concert with many chances for taking pictures - I just posted some of them into the club for you to have a look.

Much too soon it was time to say a final goodbye for this year... that was the hardest thing to do! Dear gentlemen, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the wonderful hours you have given us with your brilliant voices, music and performances!!! You made this November a very special one!!! Hope to see you again VERY soon!!