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2002-11-23 Frankfurt

reviewed by Marianne


Hi all you lovely people, Well, I'm the first of the Frankfurt Ladies who can post my experience. Irmgard, Ines, Ricky and Marion are on their way home - Ladies, I hope you had a safe return. Cassie and Anja-Dwarf are in Fulda at this moment and I am with them in my mind.


What a night!!!! WOW !!! Although it was the first concert I've seen them live, it never will be the last one. Now I hunger for the next tour!! (Minimum two events I will take part) I arrived hungry and thursty at the Opera-House, because I was so busy the whole day through, that I had no time to eat and at last I was a little nervous.


I met the stuff at the fountain in front of the Opera and it was a big hello and many hugs and laughing. There was the wonderful Shammy (hope the writing is correct) with her friend Christine and Cassy, Jutta, Karlheinz, Ricky, Anja-Dwarf, Irmgard, Ines, Marion - each one really warmhearted and lovely - I've put you all in my big heart at once.


Then the concert began: We gave a big welcome to David at first. And then James, Niall and Matthew appeared - they looked really good. The Group made themselfes conspicuous with little coloured light-sticks. Most of us sat nearly at the end of the hall and some had places on the right side. Shammy had got a seat in the first row! So everywhere in the room came lights up when the lads started "Whisky in the jar". A great idea - but I sat beside of a Gentleman who got upset about our funny performance. Doesn't matter. had the best night since - I don't know when I was the last time so happy. Every song was breath taking - the slow parts as well as the rhythmic ones. And then Deirdre appeared. Her voice banned me totally.


"Time to say goodbye" was the best performed version I've ever heard. I don't know what else to say - see the ABCs of the CELTIC TENORS from Barb - every line is true and say what I feel after this tremendous evening.


After the show we met the guys for a short time. Much too short for all the hugs and photos and talks we would like to have. I was to shy to talk with them - they saw me the first time.


The funniest end came in the Pub in Offenbach, the "Bogside" - we arrived a quarter past twelve and sat there until half past two, drinking Kilkenny and Cider - Cassy, Anja, Ricky, Karlheinz, Jutta and myself. Anja and Cassy shot some lovely photos there - you will see them soon in the photo-section (I hope so).


That's all for now. Other members can post a better review than I can. But I was so excited, so happy, I want to share it with you. I wish all the ladies who will see D.J.M.N. in Lörrach and Munich the same good time I had in Frankfurt. Wait for the review from Fulda - It wil be spectacular I think :-))))