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2002-11-23 Frankfurt, Germany

reviewed by Cassie


Dear friends, I'll try to write down some of my impressions from Saturday night at the Mozart chamber of the Old Opera House in Frankfurt. As Anja#1 mentionned before we met up with Shammy and Marianne in front of the opera. It was a great pleasure to meet Shammy and her friend there, because we didn't meet before, only had a few chats before the meeting and I knew that she was very nervous....You made it perfect, my dear!!! Hope to see you again on one of the coming concerts (next year hopefully!). Together with Anja#1, Ricky, Irmgard, Marion, Ines, my better half Karlheinz and his sister Jutta as well with 3 other friends (which I infected successfully with the "CT virus" ;-)))), we took the opera house by storm... *hee hee* Poor audience!!! Some of them were not happy with us......(it doesn't matter! we had fun as had Pat Egan, his family and the Tenors and Deirdre). The acoustics in the Old Opera are brilliant and it was a pleasure to hear the lads and Deirdre again! They started with "Mull of Kintyre" as usual and a wonderful evening began..... Most of us were located really far away from the stage (row 14) and the guys seemed to search us.... ;-) Well, we gave them a "small" () hint at the second song, waving with fluorescent lights following the rhythm of "Whiskey in the Jar". Matthew immediately saw us and pointed to us during his singing, having a big smile on his face. He was followed by James, who also pointed to us, giving us a twinkle as well. Niall saw the signs left and right from us (where Marion, Jutta, Irmgard and Ines were located), making something like a big "aha" (loudless). We clapped during the song, trying to encourage the audience to follow, but it was a hard job.....:-s OK, at the end of the show, they clapped as well, but they seemed to be glued to their seats (argh.....), they only stood up at the very last song... :-(((( Niall, James, Matthew, Deirdre and band I am really sorry for that, because you were brilliant, persuasive and soooo good, you deserved more than that!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope we could compensate that with our performances. Niall, your solo is wonderful as is your duet with Deirdre during the "Moulin Rouge" medley! I always get goose-pimples hearing these songs.... Really great!! The same is happening when I hear James' "Summer of my dreams" and Matthew's "The Contender"..... You were wonderful guys!!! And not to forget, the wonderful Deirdre again..... (ahhhhhhh)!!! Your "Will you love me tomorrow" is fantastic, Deirdre, I love it!! I heard your CD twice today, and it is great, too! Take care, guys, she is coming!!! ;-) Well, the show ended soooo early, the time always seems to run and the last song came, "Remember me"..... *snief* After this, parts of the 14th row (well, us.... *smile*) roused the rest of the row in order to get nearer to the stage for the encores. We got together at the left side from the stage and encouraged the lads during the encores, waving with the light sticks, dancing and singing with the lads (we were a good background choir, Karl, weren't we? ;-)) The guitar man, Karl, was quite impressed.... *hee hee* especially during Fionnghula (we could follow during the refrain, yeah!!!). And the tenors.....well, they had problems to focuss the audience because they always tried to catch a view to us to see what "silly" things we were doing now..... We enjoyed the concert very much as did the tenors and Deirdre! She came to us directly after the show to tell us that it was very amazing and she was very happy!!! The guys told us the same, later on. And Pat Egan, their manager, who came over for that concert, was nearly speechless..... After the show there was a short time for signing CDs, DVDs and videos and to have a short talk with them. And again, the time ran, and sooo fast they had to go.... :-( Some of us had the possibility for some pictures and especially Shammy, who we met there for the first time, was overwhelmed because she got a flower from Niall and a nice picture with Niall and Matthew. I will post it later when I am back home, as well as some other pics. Some of us, Anja#1, Ricky, Marianne, Jutta, Karlheinz and me went to my favourite pub "The Bogside" to have some kind of after show party..... ;-))) We had a lot of fun and we laughed a lot..... It was nearly 3 am when we went back home.... (Anja and Ricky spent the night at our flat). Some hours later we met again to have a brunch together with the rest of the fan club (except Marion who had to drive back home early..... *snief* :'-(( ). After the brunch Anja and me dressed again to drive to Fulda for our last concert this year.........:'-((((((((((( That's it, the review ends as fast as the shows do..... I hope, you enjoyed it nevertheless.... ;-)) James, Niall, Matthew and Deirdre: Thanks for a lovely and wonderful evening!!!!!! yours, Cassie