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2002-11-21 Duesseldorf

reviewed by Andrea


Hello dear friends, Düsseldorf was another fantastic concert night with our beloved Celtic Tenors. For me it was sort of a last minute thing to go there, but I could not let the opportunity pass by, as for me Düsseldorf is even closer,or at least easier to reach than Cologne.


So I started off with my friend Heike at about 5.30 pm. We were so excited that we sang along to a tape of the Tenors in the car radio like mad ;-) If the boys had heard this they would have cringed, I think, LOL.


As the venue where the concert finally took place was not the original venue where they first were supposed to perform, there was some uncertainty about the tickets. Anja was a little afraid that she would not get a seat in the category (front/2nd row! ;-)) she had booked. But everything turned out well, Anja, her mum, Heike and another friend happened to sit next to each other in the 2nd row. I had a seat in the same row, but at the very end of it. Then I was lucky!!!

I saw that up to 8 pm, when the boys were supposed to start some seats next to my friends weren't occupied, so I dared to go there and in the end I was sitting right in the middle of 2nd row next to all our friends :-) No one came to claim the seat, so I think it was ok.


The three lovely gentlemen started off a little late, mainly due to the relocation of the venue, to give more people the opportunity to be there in time. And boy, did they start off well!!! The promo gig in Düsseldorf the day before had attracted a lot of people and the audience was participating really well from the beginning on. Needless to say that we in the 2nd row had loads of fun again!!! Anja wrote it already, there was a lot of laughing, giggling, jokes on and off stage happening, and bright smiles from both directions were visible for everyone. I noticed that James was singing particularly for and to Anja and her mum so very often ;-) We could easily see to whom the boys were singing, who they were looking at etc. I love it to be so close to the stage, I think I would miss out on loads of the fun if I was further back in the room. Veronika, Anja said, you were in row 8, what was it like there? What was the sound like? Could you easily see the boys? I'd be pleased to know what it was like for you!


As mentioned before, a lot of funny things were happening. One of the moments when the audience laughed like mad was when the boys announced "Remember me". James, in his perfect German, started to talk about the song. When it was Niall's turn he made some mistakes in telling his part (also in German), it sounded a bit like tongue-twisting, which made the audience laugh. It got all the more funny when Matthew jumped on the occasion and laughed at Niall as if he was drunk and couldn't get the words straight out. Mind you, we were not laughing AT them, but WITH them, it was SO funny! I got the impression, that Matthew and Niall just learn by heart what they want to say in German, I think James is the only one who actually speaks it. Regarding this, I find it great, that they speak it at all, whether they know what they say or not ;-)))


When the time came for our fanclub song "Dein ist mein ganzes Herz" they were fooling around on stage again, which made us cracking up with laughter again. Then one of them (can't remember who) said: "No laughing please" and the others joined in by saying "Serious song!", but eyes were twinkling, smiles were sent over to us, it was great! ;-)


All to soon it was over again and we were up for another meeting with our beloved ones. Due to the great audience response there were loads of people hanging around in the foyer, waiting for an opportunity to get things signed and to have a chat with the boys. Our time came when most of them were gone and they had more time for us! I managed to get some pictures again and have a chat with all of them, which led me up to another level on this famous cloud No. 9 ;-) I haven't come down from this heavenly place since last Saturday in Cologne, and I think I will stay on this cloud for some more time ;-)They are just so great, and I think I will have to use your wonderful poem, Barb, the Tenors' ABC with all these adjectives, as I'm already running out of words to describe these precious times with them!


I handed in my film this morning to a 1-hour-service, as I simply couldn't wait any longer. I just got them back and after sending this review to the club, I will try to scan them (yes! I have finally managed to re-install that stupid scanner of mine again!) and put them in the photo section. I will let you know when they're there. By the way, Cologne gang, I have that one photo that you have requested, the group picture with all of them, it came out really well. I just hope I will get it to the photo section, but I will do my best.