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2002-11-17 Stuttgart

reviewed by Ines


Hello everyone, I`m back from Stuttgart. The first- it`s was sooooo beautiful to meet Irmgard ,James, Niall, Matthew and Deirdre. They are all so lovely, nice, kind and and and. Yes, the concert was absolutly grat,wonderful and again, I like to say in Rickys words:"....I`m still out of words"


Irmgars and I sat in the first row!!! James and Niall have seen us equal and has flirt with us the quite time ;-))))))!!!!!!!!! And then;they have sang "Dein ist mein ganzes Herz"(My heart is your alone...); by the words.....dir zu Fßssen sinken(and kneel adringly at your feet)falling James in front of Irmgard of his knees!!!!!with a big white Rose !!!! It`s was sooooo touching.James of hiss knees and Irmgard has crying!! (for that reason clod Nr.9 and dreaming ;-)))).


After the show we have met the charming Boys. James and Niall was glad to meet me.Matthew was so a proud daddy,he has seen his little Sean on Friday the first time. He will after the german tour a pictur from Sean put in our Photos-Ordner. We have spoke, lought ,make photos and knuddels and kisses. It`s was soooooooooo,what for a feeling and what for evening!!

James and Niall thank you very much for this wonderfull evening!! Matthew - Veras bed was nice !!! By the way,thank you Vera for your bed!!


Irmgard you also a wonderful lady and I feel like you(clod Nr.9- smiling and grining and again)thank you for the breakfast and the talk.It´was very beautiful and intersting with you.


Uwe-"the busdriver"- thank you so much for our jackets. We have lost they during the flirts with the young gentlemens ;-D !!


I can`t wait for Saturday!Then I meet Irmgard,Ricky,Cassie,Anja#1,Marianne Marion and the beautifull, lovely, wonderful Tenors with her fantastic,great voices. And of course Deirdre. She is so a beautifull,naturell and kind person with a fantastic great voice,too.

Sorry for my bad english,but I hope you understand me. I learn diligent,but it`s not simple for a old women *g*.