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2002-11-16 Cologne

reviewed by Cassie


Hi folks, after a nice travel back to Frankfurt with a lot of laughter and funny talking with Brid, I brought her to the airport again. Buaehhhhhhhhhh!

It was soooooo nice to meet her, after all the chatting we did, that I didn't want to let her go! But she had to, unfortunately, and so we said good-bye, deeply touched. I will miss her! And I hope that we can find a way to meet again in the future (not so far away hopefully....).

Brid, thanks for being here and to share that wonderful moments with us! It was a great pleasure and we shall repeat that (again and again....*g*)! I think your plane must have landed now. Have a nice week and not so much work!! Talk to you later this week again!

I think Andrea and the others described the concert quite well and there's not many to add. The three lads did a phantastic show and the enthusiasm clicked between the tenors and the audience immediately! OK, we did our job in the front row quite good, welcoming them loudly yelling and clapping!! They did know quite good who was sitting there and gave us a first very big smile!!!! During the next songs, were we clapped and sang with them (no so loud yet), they nearly couldn't stay serious, there was always a smile coming to their faces (especially to Niall's... ) and he said quietly in our direction that we will get that back (hee hee! come on Niall!!!!). Well they had really problems not to smile all the time and to give us twinkling eyes..... I think, we as well had no chance to stop our smiling, because they were soooo good and lovely! They captured our hearts at once with their performance and their great voices!! They touched us deeply with different songs and we often hold hands (everyone from us in the first row; must be a funny sight from the stage! ). They brought us to tears which they sang so intensely you can't imagine..... *hmmmmm* Just smiling each time thinking of that!!!


In between Ricky made some fun stuff like conducting them..... I couldn't stand that, I nearly fell on the floor laughing.... oh my god! I had to look somewhere else because I knew that the lads saw that as well and if they smiled the same as I thought I would have been at my end, not able to stop laughing any more!!!!

Well, I had my problems with that nevertheless. They often smiled at us and sang to us directly focussing us with their eyes, Niall and James flirting with us quite often, especially during the Fan Club song "You're my hearts delight". James threw a rose during that song to a very happy Anja....


Also the duetts with Deirdre who looked sooo beautiful and has a voice like an angel, were fantastic!! Unfortunately I didn't find the time for a short talk with her. But I hope that I can do so in Frankfurt..... (fingers crossed). She is so lovely and was amazed by the applause she got (she really deserved that!!!).


The soli from the lads were wonderful as well! (I think we should create some new words for them.... always wonderful and fantastic doesn't describe them good enough......). Matthew sang " The contender" dedicated to his son and you could see how happy and proud he is to be a daddy! Niall's "Love of my life" was really emotional, not only to us...... and "Summer of my dreams" by James, well, nothing to add. We were melting away.......


They also played "Whiskey in the Jar", the most wanted song of my sweet-heart, and he was very happy and smiled from ear to ear, hearing that!! He knows their songs quite good, but is not in the club, because his English is bad and he's offline at the moment. I tried to convince him to come nonetheless, but he always refuse....


Well, what else? Ah yeah.... during the song Alexandra or Veronika mentionned, the oldie, you remember (?)... sorry, the name just don't come to my mind at the moment..., I had the deep wanting to light my cigarette lighter which brought me first a wondering sight from Niall, but then a happy and twinkling one as well..... He is really cute!! Well, considered well, all of them are cute!!


The show ended too early!!! After 4 encores again, all with standing ovations, we were cowded on cloud number 9, all together!!!!!! Having that big, never ending smiles on our faces..... *hee hee*


The tenors and Deirdre were there as well (on cloud no.9)! I think that they enjoyed the concert as much as we did!!! After a short break they came to the foyer to have a short talk with the fans and to give autographs. We waited that the others (not from the club) were satisfied and to have then more time with them, but they were hurried again by Olli (see pic on the photo section.... ). I only could give Matthew a little toy dog for his little son and he was amazed! Some few words with James, he was talking to a nearly speechless Irmgard (because he came to her and welcomed he by name, hugging her and made that beautiful photo you can see in the photo section). She was so happy!!!! And she deserves it soo much, she is a really lovely person and she became a good friend of mine!!!!


I think I could not speak to Niall two words.... I hope that I will be able to at Frankfurt......And last but not least..... we gave James, Niall and Matthew (just when they were forced to go by Olli and the woman from EMI) a little present from the German members of the Fan Club. We made a poster with pictures, short notices and signitures from us for each one of them. I had the honor to give it to James and he was very amazed, giving me a quick kiss on the cheek before they finally had to leave.... The others told me afterwards that Niall wanted to have a closer look at once and he seemed to like it, but he was pushed to the door..... . I just don't know how Matthew liked it or not.... but I hope he liked it as well.


Well, that's all from me. I hope you enjoyed it a little bit and can understand why we were crowded on cloud no. 9...... I will visit the concerts in Frankfurt and Fulda as well and will give you further impressions from these concerts next week. Anja#1 and Anja#2 and Irmgard, you are soooooooo sweet!!!!!! Thanks again for that lovely birthday present, you just brought me to tears afterwards....... (they donated me the ticket for the concert in Fulda!!!!).

We plan some other activities for these concerts as well, so watch out our reviews next week.....