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2002-11-12 Hamburg

reviewed by Anja M.


Well, after the wonderful concert in Hannover I was looking forward to Hamburg. Betimes I started on Tuesday, the 12th of November, in Witzwort. All went well and I arrived the suburbans of Hamburg at 6.50 p.m. 30 minutes later I saw the music hall, what an ease. Now I only had to find a parking place. LOL   o n l y   it was like a nightmare. I turned to the right and then I wanted to turn again to the right a one-way from the wrong side and no chance to get to the music hall again. I lost my way and drove through Hamburg nearly 40 minutes without a chance to ask someone to find the right way. I was so despaired, no one can believe. Suddenly I crossed a street I remembered and turned to the left. After a few minutes I saw the music hall again, thank God. And - unbelievable, I found a parking place vis-a-vis-vis to the hall.


I rushed in and during the audience spent applause I flitted to my seat in the middle of the first row. Wel, I just managed it, and only a few persons noticed that I was too late. In Germany we have a quote: It make the bill without the host.


Well, I made mine without our Celtic Tenors. Matthew saw me first and I made signs for apologize for being late, then Niall detect me and showed James where I was sitting. James pointed at his watch and whispered: Too late. It was a real great amusement for the audience and I wished to shrink immediately on my seat. Well, then Niall said: The next song is for you - it was one of my fevorites, The last rose of summer together with the wonderful Deidre.


The rest of the evening I felt like the princess of the evening, thanks you three. I had so much to be happy about, to laugh and little to cry about some songs (you know which ladies!). The audience was enthusiastic and it was a good, solved temper. Some ladies and gentlemen beneath me and in the row behind me had a lot lo laugh about. They recognized the glances from the stage to the middle of the front row and back. Then the three tenors dedicated the next song to our fanclub. Then the music started and they began to sing Dein ist mein ganzes Herz. Great amusement in the audience again and I felt many pairs of eyes gazing at me (LOL, what a fun). One women in the row behind me had tears in her eyes because of laughing so much.


All were wonderful, the band, the Celtic Tenors and Deidre. It seemed to me that their voices were more powerful and clear than before, short: it was like a heavenly choir. It was aslo great to have the possibilty to chat with them a short time and take some photos and the sheet for all.


Well, I am addicted to the Celtic-Tenors-Drug, but who isn't? LOL