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2002-11-10 Hannover

reviewed by Anja


Hi everyone - just arrived back home from a fantastic concert in Hannover!!! Not only seeing the tenors in a 3-hour-concert which was more than fantastic but also sharing so much time with Anja#2, Patricia and Nina (even if it was just a meet-and-greet, Nina ;-))


Anja and I met up at the youth hostel where we were staying for then night -and what should I say, she is such a lovely person and I had the feeling we would know for many, many, years!!!! Just to start a good day we had some "Sekt" (sparkling white wine) - which we had to drink from plastic bottles as we had no glasses.... Changing dresses and off to get some food before meeting Patricia and Fabian at the venue. We went to a steakhouse and had SO much fun creating our very own version of Danny Boy - just glad no-one heard us doing this...


Anja, Patricia and I had so much to talk about and we all enjoyed it so much to meet up and we could not stop giggling.... We went in the venue to find our seats - Patricia sitting in the front row (orchester seats) and Anja and I row 5 and 6 I think with Anja right behind me - so we had the chance give us support all over the concerts when the tears came ;-) I can't tell you how nervous we all have been - all our Irish friends will understand as they know how bombastic, breathtaking and unforgettable a full concert of these fantastic gentlemen is - especially the first one!!!!!


They had a different start to the concert than in Dublin - but Anja will tell about that later as she wrote down all the songs and everything we could remember (so watch out for her report). The next little set of songs brought me to tears. My eyes got wet hearing Bheir mi o, the tears came when they sang Ag Criost an siol and these two songs were followed by Caledonia - one of the most emotional songs for me as this makes me feeling I need to go back to the "home of my heart" Scotland! So that was this for me - the tears came running and the people sitting next to me gave me very funny looks... (I think Anja and I are not allowed to come back to Hannover anyway, are we, Anja :-))) There were tearful moments, funny moments and three hours of fantastic voices and great music - won't tell too much as I'm sure you will all get your own impression


And now back to the concert review. I have never seen someone who fills a room like these three gentlemen do - each one of them as such a great personality, so much charme and kindness that the room is filled with their emotions they put in every single song... I do not know how to explain better but it was so amazing! The harmonies they have when they do acustic songs is unbelivable and I really can't wait to see more.... please let it be Saturday!! Just a short time before they had the break they announced the arrival of Baby Celt - very early that morning at 3.30am!!! So there was no chance for Matthew to be there - his only contact was his mobile phone!!!! As Anja said in a perfect way - if Matthew would have been in New York yesterday there had not been a reason to put lights on as Matthew was shining like all the stars in the sky!!!!!


We met the lads in the entrance hall where they signed their merchandise (YES!!!! The Celebrate Video and DVD!!!) and we had a quick word and a photo which will be seen in here hopefully soon...They asked me to send their wishes and they look forward to see all the Germans, they are sad to see not so many of you over the Big Pond as they wanted, but of course they send hugs to everyone!!