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2002-11-10 Hannover

reviewed by Anja M.


I stand up very early in the morning to start my trip to Hannover at 9 p.m. But, what was that? A scream flew out of my mouth! The rear wheel of my car was flat. Do you all know German fairy tales? Do you know a figure called Rumpelstilzchen? Well, I shouted and danced with anger like this little one! But my lovely Ralf told me to take his car. So in a hurry I put all my things from one car into the other. I was able to hear the Celtic Tenors on CD then, because Ralfs car has a CD-player installed. A call to Anja#1 that I would come an hour later. Ok, then I started. I drove three kilometres and then & DENSE FOG. Unbelievable, but no one and nearly nothing can stop a Celtic Tenors-Fan on the way to a concert, you know? LOL!

Three hours later I arrived at the youth hostel. If I would identify Anja#1? It was no problem, really. Good to have our pictures section. It was like meeting an old friend that you have known for ages. She is a really nice, wonderful, warm- hearted person with a great sense of humour. After I checked in we went to our chamber. There we decided to drink some sparkling wine. Only problem: I forgot the glasses&. In the youth hostel we didn´t get one. So we bought 2 youth-hostel- bottles made out of plastic and drank! Perhaps Anja#1 will show the photo, we´ll see.

After changing our clothes we went to the city to have evening meal. A SMS arrived from Nina: Our train stopped& don´t know if I´ll be there at time!

But what a luck, when the concert began she was there. Short before the beginning we met Patricia, another one of our wonderful, lovely members and her friend.

Then the great moment was there& the doors of the theatre was closed&.

So, I hope I don´t bore you to tears, forgive me my grammar and orthographic mistakes. In the second mail you´ll read more about the concert!

Nearly two minutes nothing happened. Then they dimmed the lights down and& their band appeared. Shortly after that three well-looking, smiling, enchanting young man stepped on the stage and catched every ones attention. Matthew seemed to glide on cloud number seven, smiling like a one million watt bulb, no wonder!

I sat directly behind Anja#1, so that we were able to help one another through the valleys of joy and tears, through which we were sent by the boys.

Immediately after there appearance on the stage they sang Mull of Kintyre, followed by Whiskey in the jar.

James said: Wir freuen uns in Hannover sein zu dürfen ( We are glad that we are allowed to be in Hannover).

Bhéir mi ó followed. James introduced himself: Ich bin James aus Hannover (I am James from Hannover). Niall: Stimmt nicht (It´s not true). James aus Sligo. I am Niall aus Dublin. Matthew: Ich bin Matthew aus Meath.

Now one of the valleys of tears followed: Ag Criost an siol and Caledonia.

It was good to have Anja#1 to hold hands and to get a handkerchief. The people around us might have thought: Wow, why did they let those two crazy hens out of the mental home. But, what shall I say, nothing is able to disturb a real Celtic Tenor Fan in his /her alternating hot and cold baths of feelings! LOL! The woman who sat on my right side sat after the break on another seat far away from me (ROTFL).

James: Dieses nächste Lied kommt besonders für Patricia aus unserem Fanclub, Summer of my dreams. (The next song is dedicated to Patricia from our fanclub).

I looked for Patricia to see if she was still sitting on her chair, she did! This song is her favourite song and James sang it!

Wild rover was the next song, followed by The contender, introduced by Matthew with the story of Jack Doyle, born in Ireland near cork, who was a successful tenor and a boxer, destroyed by alcohol and died as a poor man on the streets of London.

The following seven songs were a real fireworks! At the beginning Will ye go, Lassie, go, followed by Fare thee well, love. After this song Niall asked James: Sagst du es auf Deutsch (Do you say it in German)? James: Letzte Nacht Matthew ist ein Vater geworden (Last night Matthew becomes a father). Then he told the audience that Matthew was not there at celestines side, they only phoned. Matthew told the weight of the baby, I hope I understand it right, but he said nearly 9 pounds.

Last rose of summer & Niall together with the wonderful Deidre. Then Deidre alone with the song Will you still love me tomorrow. After that all together with Time to say goodbye.

The three together sang Santa Lucia, dedicated to Nina of our club. The last song before the break was La danza. A break (20 minutes).

In the break we had a Patricia live, walking on cloud Number seven! We looked for Nina, but no one of us really did know how she looks like. We had no photo.

Then the break was over, the doors were closed and & the piano player David Munroe appears on the stage. He sat down and& played one chord& tremendous applause! He stood up and bowed, then again sat down, played one chord, again applause and laughter. It was really funny. I think he would have played this little game a few more times, but then Matt put his foot down (with a big smile in his face, LOL). Anthem from chess was sung by the boys. In the break Matthew, James and Niall changed their outfit. They wore longer Jackets in dark grey, black shirts and throusers. After the song Naill said a lot of thanks to their band and introduced them to the audience.

Now a powerful version of So strong followed, then Nella Fantasia, much better (SOOOOOOrry) without the Vards. A love so beautiful and Love of my life, the last one dedicated to Maren and Tanja from EMI Germany, make us shivering with delight. Then Deidre appeared and sang In a lifetime. Together with James she performed All I ask of you from West Side Story, together with her brother such a moving version of Dream a little dream of me, that Niall afterwards feel urged to point out that Matthew and Deidre are brother and sister (hihi, and no pair of lovers). He made it very clever, because Naill mentioned: Brother and sister& unbelievable, this curly hair in that family. Then a duet with Naill and Deidre followed, The Story of Moulin Rouge (Until the end of time).

A stirring version of Fionnghuala was presented. After the song Matthew joked: Next year when I come back I speak German and you know all the words of Fionnghuala. GIRLS, LET`S MAKE A CRASH COURSE, what do you think, Alexandra? Matthew, better you learn some German. I think, James would be a good teacher!

The next highlight was Danny Boy. And then James said: Das nächste Lied ist für unseren Moderator Anja Schickhaus und die andere Anja, Anja Malonn. ( The next song is for our moderator Anja Schickhaus and the other Anja, Anja Malonn.) Moistly hands, the people around us looked at us in another way ( no mental home any longer, they KNOW the boys! LOL).

The song dedicated to us was Dein ist mein ganzes Herz& handkerchief, tears in my eyes, melting away on the seat& oh what a feeling! And for Patricia another highlight (she sat in the first row): Matthew bend down and took her hand!

A medley of German operetta songs followed. At last they sang Remember me/Recuerda me (without their jackets) and introduced the song in the same way than on the concert in March in Hamburg.

Tremendous Applause, two young, good-looking women (LOL) stood up simultaneously ... and all the others were following!

Three encores followed: Ireland´s call, Spanish Lady and Biddy Mulligan. Then the dream was  nearly  over. After the show we met them for a very short while and they were so nice and caring. And, how glad we were, we found Nina and had a little chat! James asked how my mother feels and we get hugs and...well, I think I´ll write more after the concert tomorrow in the evening in Hamburg, perhaps I´ll find the words that I need for the three fabulous enchanting gentlemen! Unbelievable, 33 songs in one concert, perhaps we should make a proposal for the Guiness-book!