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2003-10-29 Bonn

reviewed by Marianne


This afternoon I arrived back home from Bonn. Just uploaded the pics from the camera to the PC and prepared them for the photo-section.

I'm very tired, but really, really happy! Still riding on the roller coaster of emotions.


When I visit the concerts of other artists / singers several times, I know or expect to know what they are playing / performing. After the first concert there is something like a "standard" in your mind and mostly the next concerts are rather what you've expected.


But NOT the Celtic Tenors - believe me, you are spellbound and thrilled again and again. They are like drugs; you can't get enough. Even if you know each song it's never the same you've seen already. I think they put really their souls into the shows. They sing right from the heart and the audience feels this.


Well, from the beginning. Wolfgang and I drove to Aachen on Monday to visit a dear friend and her husband. We had two fabulous days. Tuesday was really a "golden October day". Pure sunshine with a clear blue sky and wonderful coloured woods. We had a little sightseeing tour to the "Eiffel" (very old volcanic mountains). Beautiful little villages on the way. But I was already nervous in expectation what the Wednesday will bring.


After lunch on Wednesday we started our journey to Bonn. Nearly 20 km before we reached the town we had a huge traffic jam on the Highway. I prayed to all my angels, we need to be at the Youth hostel in time, because I wanted to take a hot shower and dress up for the evening. My prayers were heard - after 1 1/2 hours we could start our engine again and drive the last kilometres to Bonn. (Thank you angels!!!)


Wolfgang and I had a light snack (I couldn't eat much - too excited) and then we asked for the way to the "Brueckenforum" where the concert took place. As we arrived, we met lovely Shammy and Cassie, big hellos and hugs. Outside it went rather cold, so we decided to enter the venue. Inside, diligent Anja and Ricky prepared the table where the programs and CD's should be sold. Later on we met Alexandra, Cindy and Andrea. Right before the show we caught a new member too, wonderful Melanie (hope I remember your name correctly) was shortly involved to the fan's performance.


Of course my "Celtic Bears" were with me as well!!! (lol) And I will give you the solution of "who's who" a little later in this review.

At home I'd made some flags to wave with. For our virtuous piano-man David from Glasgow - what else than Scottish flags. And you know which one for our tremendous guys !?!


We gave rather loud and warm welcomes as they entered the stage. - God, what a feeling, my second concert ever, I sat in the middle of the front row. Right of me sat Cassie and Wolfgang to my left. Some seats further left sat Shammy.


My heart was beating, cold fingers and wet hands, I was shivering - the roller coaster started its ride!


The guys spotted us immediately and gave us welcome-signs. Sorry, I can't give you a chronological program survey, but I try to report from the most highlights.

Sure, they sang most of the songs from the Irish Album and the "So Strong" CD. I don't want to tell you too much of their adorable performances in order to preserve the surprises for the German members who will see them at one of the oncoming concerts. Only this, most of my pictures are made during the presentation of "O Sole Mio" - perhaps you can guess a little what they are doing on stage - but you need to see the whole show.


Another classical song that I love is "Granada" - this was presented with lot of Spanish fire - the band gave everything - and I couldn't withstand, I took my handkerchief and played with it like a torero with his plaid. The rhythm swept me away - Matthew saw this and could hardly stood serious - grin -.


Unforgettable too is the beautiful Deirdre - breathtaking dresses and her crystal clear voice - seem to be in heaven. Her soli were great as usual. This time she performed together with James, Matthew and Niall another version of "Ave Maria" as was recorded on "So Strong" - powerful, remarkable, heavenly!! From last years concert I knew already the wonderful "Nella Fantasia" and "Time to say Goodbye" (two examples of what I wrote at the beginning - doesn't matter how often you hear these songs, they are thrilling !!!)


When the lads were singing "Caledonia", of course we waved with our Scottish flags. And so we did with the Irish ones when "Ireland's call" was played. After the break I held my little armchair, where I put the bears in, on my knees and Matthew was the first who saw them, James spotted them a little later. I think they enjoyed them very much.


Much too fast the time went by and they started the last song: "We are the Champions" - Wow!!!! - can't tell anything else, you see me speechless! Just great, great, great - BRAVO gentlemen!!! Did not count, but I think they had four encores, each one with standing ovations (Cassie and I jumped off our seats at the end of each song - lol).

Then we had the usual CD-signing. Many of the visitors crowded around the table where my "fab four" were sitting. Finally it was my turn to say hello. Last year I was too shy to speak with them, but this time we had a nice little chat. A welcome like dear old friends - I love you all!!!! The lads and Deirdre were very tired after a long, long day. I admire their patience after the show. Warm-hearted and kind giving a few friendly words to everyone. Matthew told us about his little pride, Baby-Celt Sean (remember, he'll have his first birthday on 10. Nov.!!!) - he's growing, keeps his mom busy and gets his first teeth now.


Well, where you have waited so patiently for: Niall recognized his "beary self" at first, it's the gold-brown bear with the blue scarf! James tried then: he said, "I would like to be the light one", sitting on the right side. Matthew did not hear these comments, as he was talking to a fan. A while later he was asked which one he would choose: The dark-brown in the middle.


So, I think, I've found good character bears for the boys. Only one is still missing - what represents Deirdre the best? Sure, I'll find it too.


After saying goodbye and sad waving, back at our room in the Youth hostel I couldn't fall asleep. I think I wrote this review in my brain three or four times already. I looked at the pictures again and again. Tell ya - was a very short night!


Now home again, I can sleep in my own bed and wake up only twice - then I'll see them again!!!


Enough for now!

Have a great time everywhere