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2003-10-30 Duesseldorf

reviewed by Alexandra


What a wodnerful day

first of all - a very big THANK YOU for all your wonderful birthday wishes!! I fell very blessed that so many of you sent their love on this special day!!!


And a special day it was indeed - probably the best birthday one could have possible had. First a lovely morning with dear Anja (Schatzi!), Ricky and Cassie, then a nice afternoon with my parents and then - the concert!!!


It was - once again - absolutely fabulous! And the guys are always up for a surprise, as they changed their setlist quite a lot from the one the night before, so we were always eagerly waiting which highlight would be next.


The most moving moment for me personally was when they announced my birthday and dedicated my favourite song "Caledonia" to me. THANK YOU SO MUCH, James, Matthew and Niall - that was the best present you could have possibly given me!!!


And there were so many other highlights, too! Me and my mom Renate (who sends her love as well) particulary enjoyed "Remember me" - this is her personal favourite! Of course there was the fun again in "O sole mio" - we tried to help out Matt and Niall with some lines from the song, so they wouldn't get lost ;-)))

At the end of the concert everybody joined hands for "We are the champions" - what a beautiful way to end a fantastic night!!!

Afterwards I was very happy as well when the guys took their time to share a drink on the occasion of my birthday with us - also for this thank you very much!!! You really made my day!!!

I'm sure a more detailed review will be on the way tonight Andrea already promised to take effort in another one - we'll be looking forward to it!

Can't wait now for the next round on Saturday - looking forward to meet many of you in Frankfurt!

Take care now everyone and enjoy Brauschweig tonight!