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2003-11-01 Frankfurt

reviewed by Marianne

another adorable evening passed by. It was exactly like Edith Piaf once said:

Life is wonderful.

There are moments where you wanna die.

Then something new happens and you seem to be in heaven.

This time I tried to write down the song list, but in between I was so far away, don't know if I left some out.

Spanish Lady and Dublinia - again an overwhelming opening Mull of Kintyre - to calm down a bit, but then we melt away when they sang "Mystic Lipstick" - so sorry for those of you who did not hear it live yet. Leave you just speechless. Star of the County Down - rose all up again.

Then Deirdre had her first solo part, sorry, don't know the title of her first song, but the second was the Gaelic version of "Quiet Land of Erin" - took you up to cloud nine and let you fly over Ireland. Today she had styled her hair plain, no curls - but looks good too.

Can it be, that the boys try to sing "Whiskey in the jar" faster and faster each time? Don't know if we can follow the next time - just great !!!!

Caledonia, The wild Rover, Danny Boy and Remember me shut down the first section. I think, I don't need to add something, you all know already how moving they are.

Before the show Cassie and Patricia had a funny idea. When the line came at the "Wild Rover": "I told the landlady me money was spent", Patricia offered a few cent to James (who was singing this verse) - laughter all around - great joke - and he took them! (certainly gave them back again afterwards)

After the break they started with the fantastic classical song "Granada" - I love this, especially when Matthew, James and Niall present it full fervour and so powerful, believe me, you can hardly stay cool on your seats.

Then our club-song was dedicated to the fan club and the audience was very amused about that - I don't know why. Can you imagine why?

I got some great photos of Niall singing "Caruso" - you can really see how he gives his soul to this song - it's just brilliant.

O Sole Mio - pure comedy, this is the part where the lads show their absolutely tremendous talent as actors and singers. Perhaps at the end of the tour one can describe the show in detail (not me, my English is not good enough for this).

Nella Fantasia was touching again, together with Deirdre. As did her lovely "Song for Ireland".

Now, something completely new happened (I didn't see this before) - the boys came out in Jeans and nice shirts to perform "Bhéir mi ó". Watch out the photo section. Followed by Phil the fluters ball, So Strong and - a much too quick coming - Time to say goodbye. The encores were Irelands call, the next I can't remember, but the very last song was "We are the Champions" again.

Somewhere between came of course, "The Contender" and some others, which are out of my mind at the moment.

The audience in Frankfurt was thrilled, don't know if the reason was that so many fans had been there or what else. The mood was effervescent - sometimes the applause won't stop and our Irishmen stood on the stage totally astonished and happy.

I had ordered some little bunches of heather with the plan, to force the boys to sing "Will ye go, lassie, go" and throw them at the chorus "All around the blooming heather". We planned to sing the chorus of this song, but the audience was so ecstatic and applauded really frenetically, so we couldn't get through the mass and there was no other possibility to throw the bunches during the chorus of "We are the Champions". But the boys enjoyed it in any case.

Not to forget the club gathering in the afternoon. It was a restaurant installed in the cellar of an old house. Rooms with a vault and walls built of big natural stones. The members sat spread on 4 or 5 tables. So it took a few minutes to say hello to everybody. Lovely Alex and Cindy were there again (enjoyed it very much to see you that soon again). I met the first time Anja#2 and Patricia - two beautiful, warm-hearted ladies. Irmgard and her daughter Vera was a delight to meet. Many people who are "postal members" (without internet-access). It's a really special fan-family who gathered there. Sorry, if I forgot to mention some, can't remember all the names. At the entrance-hall Anja#1 and Ricky were very busy with selling CD's and Programs and answering many questions about the fan club and the boys. They are doing a hard work during the tour. Ladies, you're great !!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for all what you've done!!!

I had invited my dear friend Birgit to this wonderful evening. She did not know what would happen until we were on the way to the venue. As she spotted what will come, she went very nervous. She heard the music of our adorable gents already at my home and enjoyed it. Well, as I told her, that I know them personally - she was completely through the wind (can I say this in English?) - I infected her with the virus, and it worked immediately. After the first two songs she sat beside me, sighing, with goose pimples and floating on cloud 9.

After the show Birgit told me, that she will see the Tenors next year again!!

James, Matthew and Niall - I shall send greetings from Birgit and a huge THANK YOU!!!!!

Again a long review, sorry - I thought, I can write a short one this time, but there was so much happened, I need to tell you.

Now, on Friday I'll see the lads the last time this year. I'm so sad. Bonn and Frankfurt were very happy days, 'cause I knew that I'll meet them again. But now - the end is near. Never thought that an artist can touch me that deep in my heart. We are really "Sunday-kids", aren't we. Knowing and meeting such wonderful men with an outstanding talent, putting the people into another dimension with their voices and personality.

THANK YOU SO MUCH !!! James, Niall and Matthew

MANY THANKS to my dear Scotsman David and the band.

And a heartfelt THANK YOU to wonderful Deirdre.

Your "bouncing" (up and down between happy and sad) Lothian Celt