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2003-11-01 Frankfurt

reviewed by Sabine


Shammy, Sabine, Beate and me made the trip to Frankfurt. Exept Shammy it was the very first concert for the three of us.


A lot of the fangroupmembers were there, and Shammy started chatting and could not be stopped for ages. I love her!!!! I met the first time Marianne, who brought Shammy and me together. Thank you Lothian Celt!!!


We took place, the light darkened and David stumpled on stage. The following is still a misty dream in my head.I will not make a review, there exists a hundreds of it. I will give you my sight. Read it or close this side.


The only one of the bunch I could clearly see was the "Drummer Boy". Sorry, I don't know his name. This guy was amazing. He gave a real one-man-show. I never saw one playing castanets with the use of his whole upper part of his body – great!!! He played them on "Granada". The only effort of him I watched as he played the Bolero-Rhythm on "Time to say Goodbye". At the end of the song he payed the tax to the rhythm. I know how exert it is. He made a real good job! - the others too!! Of course!!!


Our tenors I could only see during the small moments the upper red stage lights were out. They gave a fantastic performance with a lot of fun, voices and joy of life. I really don't know how such a small man as Niall is able to let out soooooo much breath!! WOW!


After the third song Sabine and Beate pronounced to be back next year. I for myself knew it long before the concert started. Don't ask me why! During and after the concert I recognized a handful of "very important people". They had the monopole for the group and all the words long before the concert were blown. I was glad I had "my" people at my side. Without them I was lost and would still look out for the old opera, the entry, the toilets, my place.....


Two seconds before the boys definitiv left, Matthew and James came to me. Matthew wished "good luck" to me (I don't know why) and James gave me a kiss. Oh Boy, your beard was scratching!!!!


All in all it was a great evening and I am happy to see the bunch again next week. Maybe without the damned aching red stage lights. (The blue ones were better)


For that: The world can be so beautiful, one just has to open his eyes or/and ears.