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2003-11-07 Bad Nauheim

reviewed by Marianne


quarter past two and cannot sleep, so I try to write my last review this year.


It's really true - you can see the Tenors as often as you like, no concert is like the one before. Of course, this time was very, very emotional. All the fans sat in front row, side by side. I had my seat between Cassie and Dutchess Sabine. Even Andrea and Frank, who decided very shortly to join us tonight, got their places there.


And each of us saw our famous boy-group for the last time on this tour. I think you can imagine what we had to stand this evening.


Bad Nauheim was nearly sold out, just a few tickets left. The audience was very reserved at the first quarter of the show, but the front row woke them up. During the third quarter we, certainly above all the Tenors, got them. They began to melt.


But don't ask how we poor ladies melted away - had to fight against the tears and emotions. Especially when the song "Remember me" was dedicated to the wonderful Dutchess Sabine - none of us could stay cool at this song.


Nearly every ballad moved us to tears or at least heart beating. Again our lovely gents gave everything. The faster songs brought us nearer to the ground again, but not complete. We were still drifting somewhere in-between.


I don't want to hold back our performances we made this time. The opener was "Spanish Lady" - therefore Cassie called us the day before to put our fans in the bag to fan out with them every time "Spanish Lady" was mentioned in the song. Very funny, even the drummer Lloyd was very amused. I used my fan again at "Granada" - grin -.


Cassie had two flashing hearts, which we put at our left side when our Club-song had been sung.


Then the first highlight came: After the break, the opener was again "Granada" and I prepared three signs, one with an "O", the second with an "L" and the last with an "A".


At the end of the song our lads make a step forward and with the last accord they rise their right arms. - And we raised our signs: OLA !!!! Great laughter. I painted the letters on the back of the signs as well, so the audience might be able to read the word too, but I don't know if it was too dark in the room.


Well, the last performance was the very best. Phil the fluter's ball came up. When "Phil the fluter tipped a wink to little crooked Pat" - I put my green cap on and stood up.


And I passed around my hat. Therefore I had prepared some chocolate-coins, which I had put in the cap before. I offered the coins to the lads and the band. Great stuff, Danny at the keyboard and Garret at the bass were very happy. Hope everyone else got one. I was so excited, didn't see or hear much until I sat down on my seat again.


Gents, hope that I didn't bother you too much with this.


I think everybody had fun and a great evening, although we had to say goodbye this time for real. So we sat there when this song began, knowing that we will see the lads and Deirdre and the amazing musicians for the last time and don't know when will they be back. Heartbeat, tears, all the emotional facets came up.


Then the shock - just two encores - Irelands call and We are the Champions - no, can't be!!! But now the audience showed their enthusiasm - Wow, didn't stop clapping and shouting until the boys came out again. The band stayed backstage. Aaahhh - what a delight - they sang "Mary from Dungloe" a Capella as the very last encore. THANK YOU GENTS !!!!!!


That was a really wonderful surprise for me, 'cause I love this song very much.


Many people came afterwards to the signing. Again they captured the people's hearts very successfully. If you hear and see them once, you must love them.


Bye my dear Irishmen and Bye Deirdre, and a special Bye to the most wonderful Scotsman. Bye to Danny, Gareth, Lloyd and Karl.


See you next year again - can hardly wait.


Alright, hope I can have some sleep now and dream of my hearts delights.