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2003-11-07 Bad Nauheim

reviewed by Sabine


uuuppss - we did it again!


Shammy and me took a cure in Bad Nauheim.


The best cure I ever made, because the boys took care for our applications.


First of all - I could see barely good. The lightning was good to me, no red lamps - just white light dimmed after Deidre's solo. I was happy. Sorry "Drummer Boy" this time you were not my eye-catcher cause I could see them all - and believe me: I watched them all.


I thought it couldn't come better but it became an unforgetable evening for me. In the middle before the rest they pronounced Phil Coulter's Recuerdame and James dedicated it to ME. The last I felt were two graps: Marianne on the right and Shammy on the left! The both graped my hands and I started crying.Again I could not see anything but I never felt so happy in times without any sight. I guess I needed the 20 min. rest so urgently as the boys.


The second part started furious and the "halfdead" audience began to rise. In the beginning it was sad for the boys because the audience sat on their hands.But the Granda-Caruso-and James' Oh mein Solo put life in the stiff bodys and the people remembered their hands. The following was a firework of emotions, laughing, clapping and big voices. I do not even know how Niall brings out sooooo much breath and voice. I guess he owns an installed compressor or something else.They gave all to us.


After the show during the "autograph-hour" I stood apart. Suddenly Shammy came to me and pulled me away. "The boys want you to come". And what happened??? James gave me a huge bunch of flowers and kisses. This time he was not scratchy!!!!!!!! And Niall came with kisses and a bit chatting and James again and again and.......At last Matthew joined our small group and he won the first price of a scratchy face - no matter.

The best dream came to an end and I was glad to had the next 1 1/2 hour sitting in Shammy's car listening the boys on CD again and again and.......