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2003-11-08 Berlin

reviewed by Sabine


All roads lead to Berlin


Shammy and me were on the road again.OK - this time per plane.


We couldn't let go our Boys without seeing the very last concert in Berlin.


We decided to go to Berlin Tuesday morning. After a lot of calls to Berlin Ticket-Hotlines, the Max-Beckmann-Saal a.s.o we found an Express-Ticket- Seller und at 11 am we were proud owners of two tickets "5th row near middle". They promised to send them until Thursday, latest Friday.That was the beginning of a long long day. We both had to work till afternoon and after that Shammy came to me. The next was pure chaos in my living room: My desk, two arm-chairs left and right and my notebook in the middle. It sounds harmless but if somebody had the chance to observe us he would have thought that we were mentally ill.


We both tried to book a flight and a hotel via internet. None of us did it before and no one else would do it the way we did. BUT as we shortly before midnight made the last "shot" at the booking-formular, after a few nervous breakdowns, a pot of coffee, fits of rage, fits of laughter... we were proud owners of a flight Frankfurt - Berlin and a hotel-room.

Next morning I rang her up and asked: Shammy, do we really have done it? The short (!) reply came: YES!! Oh my God!!!


The next two days were spend with: Why are we so crazy?? What shall we do if the tickets will not come in time? Are we crazy? Oh my God!


But we are not crazy, the tickets came in time, our flight went to Berlin (not Rome) and the hotelroom was perfect.


Same the concert. The audience was fantastic. Good mood from the first second and the Boys really gave all. The show was amazing, you could see the tie between performers and audience. Pocketlighters were raised, the people sang and clapped on the fast pieces. By the Tenor-Song "Phil the fluter" James danced like an elk - excuse me - like an elf (holy dictionary!). My only sorrow was he could loose his shoe while dancing. (The poor ones sitting in front of him - In Bad Nauheim I was in sorrow too, cause I sat just in front of him).


You could hear needles falling on the ground by the ballads and solos. Exept by James O mein Solo. The crowd romped and the theater rocked. Both, the Boys and the audience surpassed themselves. Niall again gave us a perfect "Great Pretender". It was pure joy,kidding and having fun.


Sadly this evening had an end too and the show was over - The boys definitively had to go - James told me they will have a concert in Dublin on Sunday - They were gone !!!!!!!!!


Shammy and me crawled "home" to the hotel - flew home to Mainz - and now I am sitting here in front of my notebook and realize that again I did not write a review but a lot of stuff nobody is interested in.Or?