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2003-11 my impressions around the German tour

reviewed by Shammy


As I visited my only Concert from The Celtic Tenors last year at Frankfurt/Alte Oper, I swore by myself if they come back to Germany next year I would visit more Concerts, maybe 2 or 3!

Impatiently I expected their schedule! Finally it was published!!! So I had a look of the places where the Celtics would go. Immediately I booked my tickets for 4 cities which I could reach with my car. I decided me for Bonn, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and Bad Nauheim. From this point in time my excitement was growing more and more! Also I´d never drove alone such a long distance.

Then the adventure started! I took my travelbag and my city maps  and I reached my hotel at Bonn. WOW! I was proud of myself!

On evening I went over the Kennedybridge to the Brückenforum. It was cold but rainless and all lights (from houses and ships) were reflected in the dark water of the Rhine. It´s a wonderful sight! The first thing I saw in front of the Brückenforum was the Tourbus. I had a look through a glassdoor and I saw our beloved Tenors on stage, they had their check-up. Oh gosh, my heart beats faster! After a while I met Cassie and then Marianne with her husband (dear Otto still thanks a lot for brought me back to my hotel after the Concert).

The speciality of the Bonn-Concert was that it was the first Concert of the Celtics Tour. It ´s so fantastic as I remembered the Concert at last year! Their performance was great (sometimes profound and quiet and on the other hand funny and rousing) and the aura of our three  I was speechless!!! (if this is possible). Afterwards there was the autograph session and Niall, James, Deirdre and Matthew were so lovely, friendly and sweet like ever!!! They had many patience with their fans. Wonderful men AND lady!!!

When I was back at my hotel I fell in sleep.

Next morning I couldn´t believe that the first Concert is over! After a tasty breakfast my way led to Düsseldorf. I´ve never ever been there before. I reached a car park at the lunchtime then I walked through the town. In the afternoon I got a SMS from Cassie to met her and the parents from Anja #1 at the Kaufhof Restaurant across from Savoy Theater. We spent a humerous time there before we went off to our event (Anja it´s a pleasure for me to know your parents yet, they are very friendly  particularly Käpt´n Farrell ~grin~). Besides the show there was an other highlight for me on this evening after the concert and the autograph session  the lads had a lot of time for uns and shared their bunch of flowers with Alexandra (our birthday-girl on this day), Cassie and me!!! What a wonderful keepsake  thank you, boys!!! Thank you lovely boys for don´t fear the nearness of your fans!!! After all these great impressions I went alone through the night to the railway station with the car park. I settled down in my car and took a deep, deep breath to get a level head again. It was long after midnight as I started my homeward journey. I was very excited because I never drove such a long distance alone. At 3 o´clock a.m. I reached my flat and it took a load off my mind!!!

Now I had one day rest. The next concert was on Saturday at Frankfurt/Alte Oper. This day was very important for me too. My companions were our clubmember Dutchess and my cousin Sabine with her friend Beate. They all had never seen our wonderful Tenors before. My cousin saw the boys on my video and her friend was totally unsuspecting. She only knew, we visited a Concert with 3 irish Tenors. I was curious about it how they would find this event and the music and especially the men. But I hadn´t have worried that - already after the third song (and this weren´t even the best of it) all my 3 companions told me Marvellous, we come again next year!. I ask me ever and ever again  what is it what these dreamboys have??? Only their voices and their talent? No, I think for the main, it´s their personality, their aura and their sunny, funny faces if they give us a sample of their creative power. Oh boys I love you!!!

AND....they have win the heart of our Dutchess  at the latest after pick up with James´ scratching beard!!!

Now Dutchess and I had a break for 6 long days without our Tenors. On Monday we reminisced about our experiences and we wished we were at the last concert with the lads and could say to them Good bye for now and come back soon! Suddenly we wanted to do that. On Tuesday Dutchess called several numbers to find out if we can get some tickets for Berlin  she was successful. On afternoon I visited Dutchess at home and we stormed the internet for air tickets and a hotelroom. I think 4 hours later we managed it all. But don´t ask HOW we did this! It was a real internet adventure!!!

But first came Bad Nauheim. Already again an exciting day for me. My companions for this event were Dutchess, my friend Christine, her mother and a friend of Christine. The difference was, Dutchess and Christine knew the Celtics (Christine was on the Concert last year) but her mother and Ute (her friend) had never seen the boys before. That is why I was very curious how they like the music and the Tenors. But  don´t worry  how could it be else??? They LOVE the Celtic Tenors and want to come back next year!!!

Any witchery must be with our Irishmen!!!

It came the really last concert at Berlin.

Dutchess and I started to the airport Frankfurt. Directly we checked in and 2 hours later we were on the way. We can´t believe what we´ve done till today!

O my god  we are flown to Berlin! From airport to the hotel we took a taxi. Then we had a short rest before we went off to the Bahnhof Zoo, from there we drove to the Max-Beckmann-Saal where the concert took place. As there was some time we had till the event, we walked along the street and found a wonderful Bistro called Leonardo da Vinci, here we ate a littleness and waited till it was time to go back.

What can I say  with the thought this is the last concert in Germany on my mind  all songs were twice as nice, twice as sad and the concert was over twice as rapid!!! REALLY it was Time to say good bye to OUR beloved champions!!!

After breakfast at hotel, we drove to the airport Berlin-Tegel again and flew home with a little sadness in the mood!

But we (Dutchess and I) are thinking positive!!!

He Boys  where is your schedule for the next German Tour??? We have to book something!!! ~big smile~

And BIG greetings to all people I know now personal. There is the wonderful Alexandra (with her Mum and Dad), the lovely Cindy (with her Mum  sorry for don´t see you at Frankfurt on the gallery  who knows where my eyes had gone on this event?  Niall, Matthew, James  blame on you!) ~grin~

There is Anja´s Mum and Dad, our new Fanclubmember Melanie, Irmgard´s pretty daughter Vera, the lovely Andrea, Marion, Ines, Kathrin, the warm-hearted Anja #2, Susanne and all I´ve forgotten!!!

Result: I had many grandiose days and evenings / many adventures / many, many kisses, hugs and knuddels AND I have found a wonderful new friend  Dutchess!!!

Thanks for your friendship!!!

So, ladies and gentlemen - hope I didn´t bore you with my impressions AROUND the concerts.