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2003-10 Cambridge

reviewed by Marion


I guess, Im the worst review-writer in this club (I put a claim on this title!!!) but you all should know, that my mom and I had a wonderful evening.

OK, the adventurous weekend started Friday, 10/10/2003 at 4 oclock in the morning, when my mom and I had to get up. My dad brought us to the airport in Munich which took us about 1,5 hours. Our plane started nearly in time (I love flying, esp. departures&) and we quickly were over the Channel. Unfortunately there was much airtraffic that morning and we had to circle outside London until the tower finally gave us permission for touch down.

From Heathrow we went by tube to the station Kings Cross St. Pancras and took the non-stop train to Cambridge. After the Check-In in our hotel, which was very close to the venue (no need for a taxi!) we had a look around in Cambridge and visited the Archeology Museum which was opposite our hotel.

Gladfully they didnt demand any entrance fees as all items shown were already broken&! Just kidding, it was quite interesting. Within this museum they also had a museum for Anthropology where a 45 foot high wooden totem is displayed. WOW!!! THAT was really impressing!!! Ups, Id rather get to the point that interests you more& ;-)

We had our seats in row 5 (while we actually were told it was the front row, but&) which was quite OK. Anything nearer to the stage must have cause severe damage to ones neck& We had a great view.

Just in time the lights within the venue dimmed and spotlights went on&.
br> YIPPIEH, Im back in my teenage-years again!!! The Tenors entered the stage in darkgrey suits and started with their show. My heart was beating faster than ever and I think I forgot breathing for a few moments. I was so thrilled to see the guys on stage again after such a long time!!

Please accept my sincere apologies that I dont remember all songs (I wrote them down after the concert, but hey& I said I FEEL back in my teenage-years, my brain is seems to be faaaar older ;-)&). Heres what I remember, certainly not in this order:

Nessun dorma, Dein ist mein ganzes Herz, The Contender, Danny Boy, The Pearlfisher Duet, O sole mio, Caruso, A love so beautiful, Remember me/Recuérda me, Bheír mí ó, Ave Maria, So strong, Santa Lucia, Time to say goodbye, Drink, drink, drink, Goodbye, Caledonia, Phil the fluters ball

After a break of about 20 mins the lads came back on stage: White suits.

Of course Deirdre did not only sing once during the whole time (I was most impressed of the Ave Maria, which was a 400 year old version if I remember right), she performed several times with solos and duets and of course with all three gentlemen. Her voice is just wonderful (whom do I tell, I guess you all know it!!!) and her dresses really beautiful.

AND: Not to forget another very important feature of the concert: The musicians! David, Gary, Lloyd, Danny and Karl. Thank you guys for wonderfully accompanying this event!!!

After the show the exitement didnt stop at all. James, Niall and Matthew (all three of them seemed to be surprised for whatever reason&;-)) were so kind and wonderful and gentle as we know them and took a lot of time for a chat with my mom and me. Imagine: STUPID ME forgot completely about the camera I carried in my bag the whole evening. I swear: If I could I would kick myself into&(Hopefully no further explanation needed!!!!)

So, thats it.

Thank you Niall, Matthew, James and Deirdre for a most wonderful evening

I was able to have. I wish you all the best for your future performances with the hope that even more people get addicted to your music and really look forward to seeing you quite soon again. I count the days!!!

Big hugs, kisses, knubus to all those of you having been awake enough to get to these last words as well as kind greetings from my mom,


PS: Been to Abbey Road Studios as well. Unfortunately The Wall has been whitened recently and our friends signatures were no longer available for a photograph ;-((