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2003-09-09 Dublin, Gaiety Theatre

reviewed by Veronika


My Celtic Tenors Gallery


The Celtic Tenors.... they paint pictures with their voices and your ears will learn to see.


Weekend trips to european capitals and concerts in famous theatres are not my every day lifestyle...the Gaiety Theatre itself held me spellbound from the moment our Intoxicating Maeve and her wonderful friend Margarete led us to our unique box over the stage and into another world. So there I sat, my heart beating wildly and my common sense lost somewhere on my way from the restaurant...I waved to Irmgard and Ines in the first row, for sure they were excited as we were, later we met up for a late-night-drink with Brid, Sandra and Kathrin , and all our eyes were shining...


Looking around in the Gaiety before the concert I felt a little like Queen "Sissi" Romy Schneider in the Vienna Opera House....


Then our tenors dashed in, taking us to Granada and I forgot about the theatre. Time flew by and gravity was no longer my law, I was flying too...


Really, I don't remember the order or number of songs, I was Veronika in Wonderland and believe me every song was absolutely wonderful and perfect.The boys were in excellent great form, beautiful and breathtaking in their presentation of classical and Irish songs, and this is what I mean when I say they paint pictures with their voices:


They took me to Granada, to Michael, sad and desperate between his prison walls,I had my own party at Phil the fluter's and walked through Dublinia in the rare aul times, Dicey Reilly may not be a suitable company for a primary school teacher, but I must confess I am addicted to the lady and did not hesitate to join her for another little drop....


Time flew by so fast, it seemed like 20 minutes to me but was a hundred more.


The new programme is thoughtfully balanced and harmonious and will no doubt attract many many more fans in- and outside Ireland.


Maeve said Niall's "Caruso" was "to die for" and I couldn't express it any better. Really, I forgot or didn't dare to breathe, Niall, and nearly did die! Just to save you any trouble and embarrassment I decided to take up breath again. You sang heavenly beautifully!


James' "O sole mio" warmed my heart( and delighted my Italy-addicted Helmut).It is a song I could wake up with every morning and the show James composed around it in Spanish Grande Style was sooo stunning and funny and made mascaras run down cheeks:


MAESTRO marginalizing Matthew and Niall to be last row choir boys, their opposition fading as it rose!


IMPRESSING!!! Would you give me some coaching, James, if I get bad boys in my new class?


And Matthew! Matthew's voice sooo majestic! The Contender brings me to tears each time, oh, what a daddy Matthew is! When you see and hear him singing this song you see him giving strength enough for a lifetime to his little Sean ....and this picture is specially framed in my Celtic Tenors Gallery!


Just to add one more item: the Pearl Fishers, duet of Niall and Matthew, absolutely delighted me, as I heard them singing in french for the first time which I have been patiently awaiting for a long time.(So I must not give up hope completely to hear them sing one day Edith Piaf's Plaisir d'amour and Je ne regrette rien??????????)


They paint pictures with their voices... this might let you think you may close your eyes at a CT concert.Well, you'd be absolutely stupid to do so, you'd miss the LOOK OF THE YEAR! James, Matthew and Niall look stunningly new and beautiful with their modern hair-wear, the dolce vita mediterranian white suits, o la la!! Later you may admire the terrific roe-brown shoes, blue-jeans and somehow 7oyears-style white shirts, worn over jeans....perfect timing, here are the right boys at the right time (..... now calm down, Veronika, your mad times lie definetly 30 years behind you!)


Only reason to forget the tenors for a while is when Deidre appears(my husband's favourite celtic tenor!!) Her voice is becoming more and more amazing and I long to hear the new songs on a CD very soon.She looked beautiful and young, and she is.I loved her boots and wonderful clothes, too.


Page 8 of The Celtic Tenors Souvenir Programme gives us a list of "Songs we have sung & songs we will sing for you"


Can't help, I am getting unsuitably excited again! I'll be retiring in a few years from now, and I will not be shopping around with my girl friends, nor be knitting suits for any grandchildren: You'll find me at CT concerts as their ever happily smiling Grandfan, smiling even more as I am listening to the announced, see above, page 8:


Santa Lucia, Molly Malone, Dirty Old Town,The Auld Triangle,Black Velvet Band,Seven drunken Nights,Waltzing Matilda.... and I'll certainly take my last breath when The Tenors sing Dean Martin's That's Amore , deliberately and AFTERWARDS!


Good outlook???

If you stuck to this awfully long message: Please excuse my overexcitement: I love our tenors, their music and outstanding personalities have enriched my life extremely, they have enabled never expected friendships and above all this: They give all of us an example with their after-show discipline of being friendly, polite,charming and patient to the extreme until the last fan has gone, and we should stand up united and shout (pink straw) HATS OFF TO THE CELTIC TENORS