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2003-08-29 Cork

reviewed by Grace


hello everyone,
i am still on a high after my amazing night at the C.T.s concert in's how the weekend went;


i jumped out of bed on friday morning and crossed out the last number 1 on my "celtic countdown"board!my train was leaving killarney at 2 so i spent the entire morning pacing around the house in anticipation-it must have been the longest morning ever!!!!!when i finally got on the train i sat looking out at the countryside fly by as i dreamed of hearing the glorious voices of my favourite tenors....


when i got to cork we(my mother and i)grabbed a taxi and travelled to our hotel(slowly because of traffic!).when we reached our hotel we had a little something to eat in our room(when im very excited i tend to forget all about food!),then i got ready-dress on,hair done,camera ready,tickets in hand-we were on our way.


we reached the opera house a little early so we sat and had a coffee and chatted excitedly as we watched time pass slowly.i recieved a phone call from my best friend who probably rang to make sure i hadnt burst with excitement!


FINALLY the doors were opened and as we took our seats i gazed at the stage where my three heroes would stand.the crowd was buzzing with talk of the tenors,the weather,the fashion,the set up,then a silence fell over the crowd as the announcer spoke and welcomed"The Bullislanders"on-stage-"the bullislanders are two comedians who do a comedy sketch on irish politicians and tv presenters-it was hillarious and it certainly got the crowd into good spirits to start the night!surprisingly there was an interval after the comedians has finished so i had another prolonged 15 minutes to wait for my tenors!


FINALLY!!!!!!!! our lovely celts came on stage in all their glory!as i gazed at the stage my heart skipped a beat-a new tenor,wheres matthew?......oh,that is matthew without the curls!then i noticed that all three tenors where sporting new,cool,hip looks!matthew with a lovely tight cut and beard-type-facial-hair-do,niall with slightly longer spiked hair,and james with an adorable go-tee(cant spell it!).i must say i have never seen our tenors look so dashing!


the annouced that the first have our their songs would be completly classical and the second half would consist of ballads etc.beautiful numbers such as "nella fantasia" and "dein is mein ganzes herze"delighted a speel bound audience but one of the highlights of the night had to be "O SOLE MIO"-as james says"oh,my solo!!this is what happened-james walk on stage with a very confident swagger,then procedes to approach niall and matthew and tell them he has put together backing vocals for"o sole mio"while he will sing the melody!niall and matthew,looking very unimpressed,take the music and glance at it as james,in true tenor form,stands at centre stage and begins to sing as the other two begin to sing(in harmony)ba-ba-ba-ba etc,etc.then james hold onto a very impressive long note as niall and matthew comecally look at their watches.then in a dramatic movement, niall throws his music to one side and takes over from james by singing the melody!james stands in utter disgust as matthew follows suit and starts to sing the melody also!it was hillarious-but one woman in the audience just couldnt control her laughter and began to laugh histerically!the tenors tried to passify her but she just couldnt stop!the tenors eventually had to begin their next number,but when the announced their next number everyone was silent as the tenors sang the very beautiful"nessun dorma".


before beginning the irish section of their programe,the tenors ran off-stage while their musicians entertained the audience!the guys promptly ran back on-stage-but this time the wore beige linen suits-very snazzy!they sang many favourite ballads such as "the wild rover","whiskey in the jar",and a lively mix of irish songs called "dublinia",during this time the audience began to sing and clap along and the atmosphere was brilliant!then,to my amazement,james dedicated"the fields of athenry"to me.he said such lovely things in his dedication,and of course and sat teary-eyed in absolute aw!james noticed me in the audience after that song and while they introduced "remember me"james saw me gasp in excitement and he smiled down at me.the show concluded with "time to say goodbye","irelands call" and "we are the champions"to salute cork as a very sporting county.


during the show deirdre also sand a duet with james and sang "i dreamt i dwelt in marble halls" so beautifully.she also had a very fresh new look,and her voice was as lovely as ever.


after the show i waited in line to get my cd signed.i got such a very warm greeting from all three tenors with hugs and kisses being exchanged.we chatted for a while after the show and we all had so many questions to ask eachother!it was great!i was sad when it was "time to say goodbye"but we all said our farewells and promised to stay in touch.


it was a fantastic night.words cant explain how much i enjoyed my night but i hope my review has given all of you an idea of how wonderful the celts are.they are very talented singers and such lovely caring people with time

for every fan.these guys are 3 in a million......