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2003-08-26 Cork

reviewed by Shammy


It was an evening in August. Exactly the 26th of August. I crossed a brigde at Cork and in front of me laid the Cork Opera House. I went to a Celtic Tenor Concert and I was very excited. A very friendly woman showed me my seat. After a few minutes I met Ines, Brigitte and Irmgard (Fanclub-Members as well), we had a short conversation then the supporting program begans. It was very funny but my impatience grew. When comes our Tenors? Finally, after one hour THEY came on the stage!!! Wow, what an appearance!!! Swiftly they came from the side and began straight to sing the first song. James, Niall and Matthew - you are so wonderful like last November as I saw you at the Old Opera at Frankfurt/Germany!!!At the first half our beloved Tenors sang beautiful classical songs. Niall's interpretation of Caruso was so marvellous it gaves me the creeps! Over and over!A brightly and proudly smile flitted over our faces (of the german fans) when The Celtics languished the Clubsong Dein ist mein ganzes Herz!!!


Thereafter a sunny-funny James presented his own view of Oh sole mio! Niall and Matthew were allowed to act like an walk on part. They made such totally crazy and irritated facial expressions - the audience roared with laughter!Then a fantastic special guest walked on stage Erin, the goddess from Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance Show (at least James said so) - it was ? Deirdre!!! She looked so nice and had some wonderful solo parts (for instance: I dreamt I dwelt) and a romantic Lovesong-Duett with James. I think she tooks the heart of any person by storm!


In second half our lads showed us their irish side! Started with Whiskey in the Jar and Wild Rover they whipped up emotions. All people clapped their hands and sang with these 3 men. When the Tenors presented the blue song The fields of Athenry (by the way, they dedicated it to us) the whole hall was quiet - each of us were absolutely touched!With Phil the fluter's ball the happy mood came back again, followed by Time to say good-bye (the end was near). Their own song Remember me charmed all people anew (WHO had no tears in the eyes???)! After this, the last song caused for standing ovations - it was IRELAND'S CALL!!! Result: I experienced 2 wonderful, magnificent and exciting concerts with our CELTIC TENORS!!!


After the show the boys and Deirdre gave their autographs and they talked with their fans with so many patience and so friendly words. They took a lot of time for each person. What can I say - Niall, James, Matthew - you are unsurpassed!!! We love you!!!