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2003-05-03 Mullingar

reviewed by Anja, Maeve and Ricky


We met Maeve on Saturday as she was kind enough to offer a ride from Dublin to Mullingar and we took the chance to meet early so we would be sure to have time to chat and have a nice meal! Maeve is one of the finest characters I have met and we had such a great time. We went for a drink first to find out we had both been on walking holidays with the same company and even stayed in the same house in Scotland... what a small world we have. So there was so much in common right away and I think we did not stop chatting for even five minutes... off to find a place to eat and we entered a Chinese-Thai place and had a delicious meal including a bottle of red chinese wine (gosh we all did not know there IS Chinese wine at all - yes Brian, yes Niall it was wine and not sake) - just the right thing to get you in the mood to see three lovely Irishmen and a cute Irish lady.... not to forget the wonderful Scotsman on piano *lol*.

We finally made our way to the arts centre to meet Sandra and Patricia (once again two lovely ladies.... ) and had some time left to chat and get Brian to do a pic of all the ladies (will be posted soon - promise!).

Okay... concert time!!!!!!!! Me, Ricky and Maeve had seats right beside the sound desk while Sandra and Patricia where sitting in the front! The lads started with a blast: So Strong! The audiance was in the right mood straight away. This was followed by Caledonia... NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not that early.... the tears came running again as I love this song so much. Oh well.... not many songs that night NOT to make me cry. The combination of Ireland, meeting all the ladies AND seeing a concert was a bit too much I think....

Will try to remember all songs... oh well.... Nella Fantasia including the lovely Deidre (or shall I say Hannah G???), Spanish Lady/Maire's Wedding, The Town I loved so well, The Contender, Fionnghuala, All I ask of you, Ireland's Call (with us holding hands and waving which looked pretty silly), Green Fields of France, Remember Me/Requerdame, The Star of the County Down, A love so beautiful, Wild Rover, Time to say Goodbye, The Last Rose of Summer, Sit down you're rockin' the boat (what a blast this is - you have to SEE the faces of the lads... WOW), Whiskey in the Jar, Phil the Fluters Ball, Moulin Rouge, Fields of Athenry (awwwwwwww), Nessun Dorma (with Anja sitting like a statue as she was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO impressed - please more classical stuff, lads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).


Three songs need extra attention in my eyes. Niall is doing the most wonderful version of "She moved through the Fair" I have ever heard.... topping this they sang this song for us so guess what.... tear time again.... *lol*. I hope they will continue doing this - the song is so beautiful and his voice is just perfect to do it!!!


Dream a little dream.... we all know this but this time it was very special. Matt came out and started to sing... no microphone on and he just continued without. Deirdre was more than professional not to use her microphone before Matt decided they could both use hers. First giggles from Deirdre... Suddenly she had both microphones in her hand and did not know which one was okay so apart from singing she asked "which one is it?".. more giggles from both of them and nearly a burst of laughter when Matt threw down the working one. I think they were both more than happy when the song (or shall we say the bits that came out *lol*) was finished to they had time to go backstage to laugh! The audiance simply loved this as it was soooooo natural and sweet.


The lads finished off with a unique version of Galway Bay! Gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the hell was this???????? The audiance was just under their seats laughing when they did their very own version of this song!!!! It's very difficult to describe but we hope to deliver more information very soon... so watch out the internet!!!!!!!!! Just one small hint.... if you tattoo the map of Ireland on your front - where is Galway Bay and where does the sun go down...........????? 


Greetings from Dublin, Hello all. I had the pleasure of bring Anja and Ricky to the concert in Mullingar on Saturday. They are both such lovely people and we got on very well indeed. Before the concert, we had a glass of Guinness. Then we had a beautiful Thai meal and a bottle of wine. Then we were in perfect time to walk to the lovely little theatre in Mullingar. 


The concert was just with piano and they used maybe 4 or 5 backing tracks. I was a little afraid that the visitors might be a little disappointed that there was not a full band. On the contrary, Anja was even more impressed that they sounded so good with so little instrumentation. By the end of the show, Anja was in tears! (Or was she crying all the way through the show?) 


Just before the show I had the pleasure of meeting Patricia for the first time.Her Mum accompanied her to this concert. Patricia is really lovely and her Mum and I hit it off very well indeed. I look forward to meeting them both again at future concerts!


Here is to the Gaeity concerts later in the year!