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2003-04-25 Athlone

reviewed by Sandra


This was yet another fantastic evening provided by our one and only Celtic Tenors. The show had a new line up so no-one had any ideas as to what song was coming next. Just after 8pm the opening number was So Strong, which was a really lively track and got everybody warmed up. Then our three fantastic black suited guys followed by Spanish Lady / Maggies Wedding and Wild Rover. The wonderful Matthew gave a (much longer than usual) lengthy introduction to The Contender and Im sure I saw yawns stifled in the background. Then we had the pleasure of Star of the County Down to which there were numerous stars pointed out! Niall followed this with a recently recorded song called She Moved Through the Fair, which brought a tear to almost every eye in the theatre. The Town I Loved So Well came next followed by The Last Rose of Summer, the awesome Nella Fantasia, La Danza and Nessum Dorma. After this miraculous first half I think the boys deserved a quick break. The second half of the show resumed with the Guys & Dolls number, Sit Down Youre Rockin the Boat for which the boys looked ever so attractive with James in a dark grey suit, Matthew in a dark pinstripe suit and the Posh-Celt donning a white jacket. Talk about getting noticed !! Its ok everyone, sunglasses are not (really) required (right Niall ??) !!. The Star of Michael Flatleys Riverdance throughout the Americas Deirdre returned with West Side Storys Somewhere and sang with such sincerity that if you did hold her hand she would definitely take you there. James then joined her for All I Ask of You. Along comes the brother with the fancy footwork for Dream a Little Dream. Niall then came back with his Moulin Rouge medley and a very directed wink of his eye for Your Song (knowing that I recently completely forgot the name of this song). I know it now Niall !! The Roy Orbison number was next, A Love So Beautiful, followed by another recent recording of The Fields of Athenry which got a huge applause. Next came Whiskey in the Jar during which Niall commented on the art of clapping in time with the music and has now promised Brigette that he will teach her. The theatre fell silent for Danny Boy which was dedicated to relations of Matthews who had come all the way from Montana for the show. Then the Phil Coulter written Remember Me / Recuérdame was next and no matter how many times I hear this song or watch Matthew singing it, I simply cant sing along to his verse. Languages are not my thing!. Then alas it was Time to Say Goodbye, which Niall assured persons in the front row was the name of a song. The cheering, overjoyed, delighted crowd got the guys back on stage for Phil The Fluthers Ball during which James found two occasions to perform his dance to much hilarity from the audience. Keep practising James !! Irelands Call was the final song of the evening, or so we thought, as the Magical Munro had left the stage but, fear not, James was on keyboards. After ensuring (twice) Niall & Matthew knew their notes, the really last song was Galway Bay as only the lads can sing it. Autograph time had arrived and while the lads must have been really tired from their on-going hectic schedule they were still as friendly, happy, good-humoured, kind and more than willing to chat to the multitude of fans looking for signed CDs, programmes, videos, DVDs and in one case, signed poster (thanks guys). I hope this review gives everyone an opportunity to relive the fantastic time I thoroughly enjoyed last night and you can share the seventh heaven that Im still in :-) Sandra (Ireland)