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2003-04-20 Dun Laoghaire

reviewed by Emily


Initial fascination: About 2 years ago, I purchased a CD on ebay. It was listed with the Phil Coulter CDs, but it was in fact a promo CD of the Celtic Tenors, singing "Remember Me, Recuerda Me", with an intro by Phil Coulter and Phil Coulter on the piano (he wrote the song, of course). Of course, I fell in love with these voices and started a search for more CDs, information, etc. I carried this CD around with me for weeks, playing it for everyone me, loved the tenor voice. I even played it over the phone to an Irish friend who lives in California. Well, all agree it is a hauntingly beautiful song and that these young men were extremely talented. These were definitely voices that I wanted to hear again, and IN PERSON.


Wishes do come true.


Meeting Other Tenor Fans: On April 20th, I checked into the Portview Hotel in Dun Laoghaire and waited for time to go to the concert (right across the street). If I had been looking out the window of my room, I would probably have seen the Celtic Tenors arriving for the show.


I had actually traveled to Dun Laoghaire the previous week and booked my seat, because I wanted a very good seat and always seem to get better seats when I book in person rather than over the phone. FRONT ROW...nice.


When I got to the concert, I was looking for two ladies from the Celtic Tenor egroup...Brigitte and Sandra. It didn't take long to find them. I was listening for a german accent talking with an Irish accent...and walking around eavesdropping soon identified the two of them. We found our on the front row (which for some reason was row B) and on the same level as the stage, Brigitte was behind me...and I'm not entirely certain where Sandra was sitting. All I know for certain was throughout the first half...there were two empty seats next to me on the front row....but NOT after intermission!!


The Dun Laoghaire Concert: The show was great, amazing, incredible and fun. James, Niall and Matthew have voices that were made to sing together. They blend beautifully. Their solos were superb, and entertaining is as natural as breathing for all three of them. They play off of each other and the audience. The move from classical, to Irish traditional to popular music with ease. Of course, I loved everything the sang, but was stunned at the beautiful classical songs (I would love to have an entirely classical CD!).


During the second half (with all three of us on the front row), James announced that they were dedicating a song to the three of us...and named us...however, I could tell he was unsure of WHERE exactly I came from (and it's actually a difficult answer...Killarney, Westport...Missouri...or something like that ).


Deidre sang some solos and also sang some songs with each of the Tenors. What a beautiful voice! Has anyone ever proven that singing runs in families? I don't know what the answer is, but Deidre has such a crystal clear and pure sound, it's such a pleasure to hear. When she sings a love song with one of the tenors, it just makes you want to be in-love. (And almost anyone should be jealous of her hair)


Nearing the end of the concert, the neckties just became too much for the tenors, and were tossed aside, to the applause of the audience. The playfulness had just been kicked up a notch!


They ended with some great encores and kind words to the audience. I have to say that I'm amazed at how strong their voices are and how they can do the entire first half of a concert without sliding off stage for water and face mopping! AH...the power of youth!


After the concert (NOTE, this is after they have given a HUGE performance that would have put most of us in bed for a week) they immediately went out front to sign autographs and chatted with us for over an hour. I can't imagine what more anyone could give to their fans. It was obvious that they had charmed BOTH the young and the old...and those of us who claim to fall in between those classifications.


These are truly fine young men with excellent tenor voices. I hope to get to more concerts, and I'll be first in line for the next CD!


Thanks James, Niall and Matthew!