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2003-04-05 Wexford

reviewed by Cassie


The fab 3 started with Mull of Kintyre again, the famous Wings-song performed by Paul McCartney. Beside typical Irish Folk songs like "Star of the county Down", "Whiskey in the Jar", "Spanish Lady" and "Danny Boy" they focussed on the absurdity of war and the pain and loss which is "included" in these times. Therefore they sang "Green field of France", "the town I loved so well" (dedicated to thevictims of 9/11) and "Remember me". "Fionnghuala" was performed as well as "So strong" to cheer us up again. There were also some duets with the amazing Deirdre again. Her voice and beauty seemed to increase since I saw her last time in November 2002. ach voice was incredible and pretty well supported by the great accustic body of the Theatre Royal in Wexford. As well as through the unforgettable David Monro, the magnician on the piano! Great that we have met again, David! The CTs crossover program could be admired and included songs from the musical movie "Moulin Rouge" as well as the classical "Nella Fantasia" (with Deirdre), "nessun Dorma" and "Phil the fluter". Well, I really regret that I didn't bring any of the mark sign with me, in order to give James the best marks for his incredible dancing performance!! Thanks, James, it was fantastic and I can't believe that you get better each ime I see that!!! ;-))


And I definitely vote for a duet CD with Deirdre, including "All I ask of you" and all the Moulin Rouge Medley songs! By the way, the first of the Medley songs was dedicated to lovely Sandra, who celebrated her birthday one day before that event. The soli of all three tenors were just great, wonderfull.... Well, I need some more words, but the list is lying in front of my home computer in Germany.... :s But, I am sure that you have enough imagination to know what I mean! ;-)


As usual the time went by too fast and the concert was over.... argh!!!! But the audience who was great by the way, brought them back to stage.... *yeah*


Performing "Ireland's call", "Caledonia" and "Galway parody" finished a perfect music evening!!!! *awe*


Well, I must note as well, that I was the surprise guest for the tenor because we didn't tell them that I would come to Wexford. I am not sure if the realized Brid and me during the concert because the light were focussed on them on stage and the audience room was dark, but once Niall mentionned that there were some fans who travelled a long way (did they mean only Sandra and Brid? No idea..... ;-) ) Sorry, Niall, I needed that laughter!Did you recognized the big-smiling celt??


They definitely saw us during the well deserved standing ovations! What does it mean, that "I should have been somewhere else", James? *lol* Thanks for the comments, James, Niall and Matthew!


And then? YES! After show party!! Menas autograph session which was a success as well as the concert, and some chatting with audience and fans. And a great hello to Sandra, Brid and me when we met after the others were happy owners of an autograph and memories of a fantastic evening!


After some hugging and chatting a wonderful evening ended for us, too!


Thanks to the Celtic Tenors, David and Deirdre for this unbelievable event!! See you again, hopefully soon!