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2003 Killarney

reviewed by Robin


Hi everyone! I am almost embarresed to be writing my concert experience from May in August! I hope you will forgive the spelling errors and the length of this post. It is 2:00 AM! I seem to be having trouble sleeping but am too tired to edit! I suppose I could just say they were WONDERFUL/AWESOME...but I've loved hearing the details from other's so here is mine!


I feel so lucky to have seen the tenors twice. We were in Ballymoat to see Derek Warfield in concert then attend a "Ireland in the American Civil War" convention. Derek weaves the history of the Irish people in and around his songs and the people were raising fists in the air in support of thier hero's names, dancing reels and dancing on the tables! I don't think anyone was dancing a reel ON a table but I couldn't see all the way to the back so who knows?


It was a beautiful drive down to Killarny from Ballymoat. Baby horses and little lambies were all over and round towers and ruins were just begging us to pull over and explore but we were on a mission. Driving on the "wrong" side of the road and the roundabouts made me feel dizzy if I looked at the road so it was nice to have such spectacular views of the land and sky! Three rainbows in 5 hours!


We got to the Glen Eagle late so we didn't have time to change. We got front row seats, met Cynthia and her friend and met Pat's assistant Dave who I bought the first item of the Tenors cd from. He told me since I was the first customer I won a kiss from a Tenor after the show. Woo Hoo! Off to a good start and the concert hadn't even begun!


They took the stage and may I say? These are three very good looking men! They opened strong and are very personable with the audience making eye contact and reaching out to invite us in. James face reflects every emotion he sings. I felt complete empathy with him as he sang. He sang "Summer of my Dreams" which is so perfect for him. He smiled a bit with the word's "the fish wait for the old fool with the wrong bait" and I had to smile too. He also sang "the Green Field's of France" and dedicated it to me, my friend Patrick and my daughter Gabrielle. I was so touched. I love that song and it has special meaning for me because of my love of history, Civil war battlefields and cemetaries. The opening notes drifted out softly and I swear I could feel them shiver over my skin with the goosebumps.


The Tenors voices sounded like tears, slow aching ones. Then with the chorus thier voices rose powerfuly each one unique and intertwined with each other. They lifted us to a height like crest of a wave and then tossed us to the shore to be gently drawn back to the sea. I loved the words "in some faithful heart are you forever 19? or closed in forever behind a glass frame faded to yellow without even a name?" James has a incredable gift of making you feel and live the songs with him as he sings.


Niall-what a flirt! His eyes twinkle and I could see him as a "star" in America with lots of screaming female fans of all ages.


He interacted with the audience in a playful way. He sang "sit down your rocking the boat" and then James and Matthew came out with great "New York" accents. "get out of here" says James. "beat it buddy" says Matthew..."whatever" says Niall like a teenager with a attitude.


The guys can do anything. They transition seemlessly from light hearted fun songs to jaw dropping knock you over talent. I know I sound like a bad comercial but its true. I laughed, I cried but I was never unmoved. Niall's solo of "the last rose of summer" He makes completely his own and so individual. A great talent.


Matthew has a clear strong magnetic quality to his voice. He seems very comfortable on stage like he's singing at home or a friends house. His solo "The Contendor" is beautiful and perfect for his voice I think. It's a sad song about the rise and fall of a singer/boxer and Matthew brings the power of achievement and sucess and tempers it so compassionatley with the downfall of failed dreams. Gently he ends the song "and there I'll rest until the Lord of love I'll meet..." He looks as if he is having the most fun on stage and almost makes it look easy. What a incredable gift he has vocaly and personaly.


It was facinating to see their individual traits. Niall would stand on tip toes when reaching for notes sometimes and I could see his neck muscles straining. Matthew is definitly a toe tapper and when he would go for the big notes you could see him step back settle in and pull it out from deep within like a gardener pulling up a dandelion with deep roots. James taps his hand against his leg keeping time and on his face is reflected everything as he grows flushed with the energy he pours into his notes. Like I had said earlier it was awe inspiring and humbling to see how much all three guys give to their art.


I loved "Mull of Kintire" each man showcases his voice with a poetic verse then boom! combined voices lift the audience up and blow them away! They ended the Glen Eagle with a song I dont know the name of but was it clever! in serious voices like a harminizing barber shop quartet they sang "someday I'll cross the sea to Ireland...if only my dear old wife would pass away" It was so funny! those serious faces, beautiful blending voices and hilarious lyrics.


After the show they were so nice! very charming and so giving of themselves even then. James gave me a big hug and said to me "you were great" me? James you got it backwards! I gave him a drawing my 5 year old drew for him and later when we took pictures he said "wait, where is my drawing?" then he found Gabrielle's drawing and held it up for the photo so she could see he had it. How thoughtful is that? James, you are my daughters hero and mine too. I couldn't wish for a better man for her to look up to. I admire your talent-yes obviously-but your dedication, your beautiful generous spirit and yoursensitive giving heart-these qualitys James makes you 1 in a million. Im sure in this fan club there are a lot of people who'd agree.


Next I met Matthew. What a sweetheart he is! He has incredibly beautiful eyes and the all too rare quality of talking to you as if you were the only one in the room. He is definitly a "people" person. He also said to me "you were great" which confused me. I thought I probably embaressed those around me with my enthusiasm. Within about 5 minutes most everybody was gone and Matthew came over to us to talk. Somehow I ended up telling him my life story and he shared some of his. He has a relative who has M.S. too and even remembered there was a lady on the fan site who was studying it. He was very easy to talk too like James and it seemed as if I had known them forever.


Niall wasn't there and the mom in me worried about him hoping he was ok. I bet he brings out that reaction a lot too. All of them do! I could see how exhausted they were and yet they stayed on talking to us still giving. Matthew, may God bless you and your family. Your caring heart genuine interest in other people and ability to give of yourself both on stage and off is a rare and beautiful gift. It was a treat and a privalge to talk with you. Thank you!


Both Matthew and James had remarked that the Glen Eagle was one of the quietest audiences of the tour but I loved every micro second of it. If there is anything I could ever do for you guys please let me know! Meanwhile I will keep you in my prayers and continue to share your great talent with those I meet. Yikes! it's 4:00 am and I have 3 monsters who usualy get me up at 7:00! sorry so sorry this ran on so long I promise I wont do it again. It's just too easy to do with such a wonderful topic! Anja has anyone ever been kicked out of a fan club for long posts? And I never got to the second concert we saw!