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2004-12-20 Zutphen

reviewed by Veronika

First, Dutchess, we have this European Court there in Den Haag, isn't that the place for Europeans to claim their rights to hear James sing "The summer Of My Dreams"? What are we waiting for? They have him close there until tomorrow, as far as I know!√ā¬† I join you, Sabine, that is my big wish too!!!!!!!

Apart from this, the concert in Zutphen( it was only the second concert this year for this poor little fan ) left nothing nothing nothing to be desired!!!!!!!!

I was caught from their first note until their last Phil the FlUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUeRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Anja has listed up the songs and Sabine gave us all the important bits, so I will just write again as things come to my mind. You all know that after a CT concert it takes a few days to get my head and heart sorted.....

James, singing the final of Phil the Fluter this vein over your left eyebrow was dangerously swollen, better sign a special Fluter Assurance Contract quickly! Mrs. Sorrow speaking!

What about doing Phil the Fluter as a rap one of these days??? Just a thought, I see the dancing steps clearly and I hear you boys ......

I was really HAPPY to see our good own James again in his old form..... Mr Solo polishing his Ego in O sole mio was absolutely fabulous again this time. James has perfected this arrogant line from upper lip to eyebrow and I would not dare to ask him the time of day if I met him in the streets ..... I am still smiling thinking of this, how good that he stores this air away after the song!!!!!!! His usual look is just want I want to see........

Holland seems to do well on them all!!!!! Matthew was wearing a very special smile all evening, and his voice starts giving me shivers..... The Prayer in duet with Deirdre is incredible!!!!

Niall must have found a good electricity supporter(hereabouts the politicians do!!!), he is running on about 100.000 Volt it seems, and he never seems to be tired! He is in such good spirits! Wow!

What was is that you suspected, Sabine??????

Song for Ireland and the other song (about the man who is untrue.....) sung by Deirdre were so beautiful too, and I am looking forward to a CD with these songs..????

Martin at the guitar matched so well with the whole crew, could you let him stay???

On the whole this concert was a wonderful highlight again for me, the boys are in such a good form and the audience loved them,purely loved them....

Besides their beautiful voices their charms and jokes were sparkling like fireworks throughout the show. But as always it was over so quickly and seemed like 20 minutes to me.....

It was so nice to have time to chat with Shammy and Sabine, Anja and Beate, Margaret and Angelika, who was sitting to my right. I don't know whether she is in this group, are you? She came all the way from Bremen and is a flaming fan too.

And the christmas songs!!!! O Holy night sounded so beautiful and is a gift in itself the way they presented it. I bravely swallowed my tears.

Finally, I tell you a secret, I never liked the song "White Christmas" very much, but the Celtic Tenors and Deirdre singing it with Santa hats on and all the audience singing along, well,I changed my mind, and for the rest of my life I'll think of it with a laughing face : when the boys and Deirdre had their hats on Anja and Beate suddenly sat singing White Christmas with red elk antlers on, and their felty tops were swaying to the rhythm, it looked so sweet!!!!!!!

I had the fans' greeting cards all lined up and decorated with stars (for our stars), and had put the big bundle into (yes, selfmade) red felt stockings with stars on them and a big J, N resp. M. (Matthew, I hope you will read them ALL!!! )The boys may have had to struggle with the strings! They were getting longer day by day..... and I hope they did not give up too soon. Some photos were taken, and I'll post some photos of the making in the Miscellaneous section the next days.....

The venue was great and my Helmut who always runs away to the next café when more than two women are around said he got four cups of coffee, free, by just showing the CT ticket, and after the show he had a beer, not free, but a lady walked around offering free little bites of delicious food. I would very much appreciate Zutphen to become a regular show and meeting point for our boys and their fans.... it is just 65 km away from my doorstep!

It was great to meet so many fans again,to see so many relaxed and smiling faces after the show, and it was a such a pleasure for me to hear and see the Celtic Tenors again, especially before Christmas!!! They always manage to make us feel special, they embrace their audience from the stage, and we should do anything in our possibilities to make them feel how special THEY are! And with soo many of you travelling long distances regularly, faithfully coming to the concerts we are taking steps into the right direction, aren't we?

I wish our boys a wonderful and successful last concert in Holland , safe home and a very very happy Christmas!