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2004-12-20 Zutphen

reviewed by Shammy and Sabine


!! Tot Ziens !!

Hi Folks,

now, we are back! A dream has come to an end. Yesterday was the Zutphen concert and we had a great time again.

I doped my eyes and they gleamed some way - reason enough for Niall to kid me and made me dance some kind of Lambarda and James asking me if I had eaten a "space-cookie" before they went to get ready before the show. Now, though the boys went into a Koffie-shop the day before, guess they knew about that cookies. Maybe a reason why Niall and Matt were so cracked up the day before ;-) Ok, and that day too :-0

We met Veronika, Anja and Beate. Though there were no seats on the tickets we all stood in front of that magical door of the hall to get the best place. It was funny: Beate called Shammy to go and get the seats and she guided me through the hall to my place. The result was, we were all sitting in the first row, just in front of our Boys! Great!!

It was a great concert, again! The Boys were crazy as the day before (space-cookies??) and so we all had a lot of fun. The audience needed some time to get warm but then the dutch mentality broke through and the clapping and singing along started again. Molly Malone, the Wild Rover, White Christmas and some other songs were just accompanioned by our lads - ahem... no, accompanioned by the audience!

After the concert Veronika gave her christmas presents to the boys. They loved it and a lot of pictures were taken. Wait to see them!

Shammy and me drove home to our hotel and this morning we started off to drive back to Germany. We had a P-S (pee-stop) at my aunties house and a real good kopje koffie and now I am sitting here to write my last part of the Dutch Diary.

But with all the fun and joy and fantastic moment before, during and after the concerts I have to say that I am pretty disappointed.

I went to ten concerts at all, to every single one with the feeling:

Yes, today is the day and he will sing it. And ten times I get disappointed that he does't. Believe it or not, James didn't sing his "Summer of my dreams". I really believe I will never hear it live!

I don't believe that I will see a concert of them again so my last chance is gone yesterday.

But nevertheless I had a great time in my homecountry and I think Shammy loves it too. She fell in love with all that "Rondontjes" en "Alle Richtings" boards. It was a very funny week but now I am burned out, my eyes are killing me and my very own beloved bed is waiting for me.

Wel te ruste