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2004-12-19 Velsen

reviewed by Shammy and Sabine


!! "gelukkelig nieuwjaar", why is that so difficult?? !!

Hi Folks,

today is our last day and we are in Zutphen. Yesterday was the concert in Ijmuiden and it went so great for the Boys. The audience was mixed up with oldies to children, good mood from the beginning, the clapping and singing went well.

There were some changes in the program and I have to say: well done!!

Niall left out "Love of my life" and sang his very own and amazing "Caruso" - the applause was incredible! I thought he would get standing ovations.

Deirdre changed her "Marble Hall" into her new song "Blue Moon" (not sure if it is the right title), a beautiful song which is made for her voice.

The duet with Matthew (Prayer) went super too and the house raised! It was a fantastic moment for that both with all that applause and Bravo! calls. Deirdre stole the show from the boys.

They sang their "Mary from Dungloe" unplugged - means they put the mics away! James showed us why he sang so much operas in earlier times!! His voice was the fullest, Niall's voice reached because of its highness the farest seats, Matthew's voice seemed to be a bit "thinner" (please forgive me, I have not the right to critise!! No one wants to hear me singing - really not!!) It sounds so beautiful and tell me one tenor group which is tough enough to sing in the middle of a concert without any mics AND without music in the back!!

That Boys really are fantastic!!!!!

There were some very funny parts in the show and sometimes I had the feeling that Niall and Matthew were "doped"! So much nonsense and that by full voice! Unbelievable! The audience thanked everything. The joking and the classical moments. It was a firework of emotions, laughing, sighing, clapping, singing and drying the cheeks - either from lauging or from crying, both!

And the dutch from our Boys grows better from concert to concert. I am still in love with James' "God verdomme" but yesterday he spoke a bit more and added: "Asjebelief".

And later, during the christmas part he wished "fijne Kerstdagen" and then, our cracked up Niall wished "gelukkig Nieuwjaar" (for the germans, spoken: chelückig) and asked "why is that do difficult"??

Please Niall, excuse me, an hour before you sang the "Fionnghuala" in gaelic! Folks, you had to hear both! First the tongue-breaking song and later his dutch! And that guy asked the audience why dutch would be so difficult to speak!

The laughter was on his side! Not the first time this evening and not the last!

It was a great and fantastic show, sadly I couldn't see anything. But then I had the time to concentrate on their voices and so I couldn't be disappointed!

Now, I will try to dope my eyes again to see as much as I can for the last show. Would be great if I could see them again.

Tomorrow we will drive back to Germany with a short stop at my aunties home. She lives only a few kilometers from Zutphen and I can not stay in Holland without meeting her.

Tot ziens