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2004-12-17 Leiden

reviewed by Shammy and Sabine


!! Grachten !! Mijn laatste Wil !!

Hi Folks,

yes, I'm still alive. Even if Shammy wants me to fall in one of the countless grachten. I dunno why:-0

(gracht = a kind of canal).

It's our fourth day here and we have alot of fun. We made our hotel room to our home and as being self-suppliers we have to buy some food and drinks and so on. It's funny when one of us puts some food into our fridge: for doing that we only have to open the door to our balcony.

There's a table on it and so we use it as a fridge. Abit fussy but useful!

Yesterday was the Leiden concert and for the very first time I went into a concert with a travel bag over my shoulders. We took the christmas presents for the troup with us and so it looked a bit queer, but....

We got tickets for the balcony, second row, and first we were a bit sad about it because I thought I couldn't see anything from that place. But, as some of you maybe know, the Dutch are a bit strange and so the balcony was the same high as the stage. Means, we could look our boys into their eyes. And the best off all, I could see everything!! The complete concert!! For the very first time!! Ok, I used the ration of medicine for a whole week but it was worth the "doping"!

The day before Matthew gave me some useful tips how "to drive with the help of a blindman cane" and so he was more than pleased that I could see all and everyting. He is such a caring and lovely guy.

The concert went well for the boys even if this audience was abit more quiet than the last one. But by Bing Grosby's "White Christmas" the whole hall sang with the lads and it was a very shivering moment. Again they were wearing the Santa Claus-caps and now I could see it. Boy!

James put his cap on with the tassel in front of his nose/eyes but Niall came to help him and put it to the side. Of course, not without the according mimic to this gesture. That guy is the born pretender!

I could watch an old pair in front of me and I liked so much what I saw:

the both were clapping and summing and laughing - I could feel their joy. I guess that both would have adopted all four, if someone had asked them.

Later, after the concert, we gave the presents to our Boys. Martin and David got it right on the stage and we could talk abit with them. Martin told us how excited he still is, this one was just the third concert with the boys. He still has to learn alot but that boy is very young, very talented and a very nice chap. I guess he will make his way and with David on his side he can grow up to everything!

David himself was pleased to get a new cartoon but he hadn't had a lot of time because he had to continue his work with bringing all that stuff from the stage to the tourbus. this time a little, very little, bus but they don't have to drive long distances. (Holland is a small country


Shammy and me went to the foyer where they boys had their meet and greet and suddenly David came running to me and he told that he just had a look at the cartoon and how much he liked it. And he told me that Deirdre wanted to come.

She too got her present and we had a longer talk. This was the first time I met her and she is so lovely and pure. She asked us about the differences between the Dutchmen and the German and Shammy told her that I am dutch! A short "Oh" and a laughter and then she started talking and giggling and told me that she wanted to buy some clothings but the dutch people were so tall and so all the pants were too long for her.

Now the foyer cleared up and the boys came to us. I couldn't count all that kisses and squooches but I can tell you: I liked them all! Yes!

Next one, please!

They too got their Santa Claus-bags and the next you could hear were laughters and some: hey, have a look on it! Niall wants to frame his pic for his house. We all had a lot of fun and it was a wonderful evening.

Today we have a day off, the boys are in Heerlen. It's near the german border and I didn't want to see Germany for a while. We'll see them tomorrow in Ijmuiden and so we can save our power and my eyes needs a break too.

So, time to "open our fridge" to get the supper.....