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2004-12-16 Zoetermeer

reviewed by Shammy and Sabine


!! Nieuws van de Hollandse Dagblatt !!

Twe jecke uit duitsland...............

Hi Folks,

finally we made it! We arrived in Leiden, our headquarter for the dutch tour. Leiden is a beautiful University City, small Grachten with lovely small bridges, two tiny windmills in the center of the town, houseboats all over there, white seagulls crying above our heads, yes we are in


But it was not an easy going. Why do two women always have such alot of baggage?? A suitcase, two greater bags, two smaller ones, don't forget the different handbags, the bag with the shoes, the winterjackets........

My poor car went to its knees with all that stuff. Yes, and then the moment came when we jumped into my tiny little green car. That poor thing....the only noise we could hear was some kind of crrrrrchhhhssssspppppppffffffffff...........

We startet at 9:00 am and according to our planning the route was about 500 km. If....if I hadn't lost our way at the first intersection! But it was a beautiful landscape so we had the joy to see it twice...Now, the second time I found the way straight and we kept on moving. The weather was fantastic, icey but dry! On some parts the trees and ground were white with frost and the sun was shining - what a lovely picture.

It was an easy driving till Den Haag. Normally we wanted to drive to Leiden via Zoetermeer but somehow, I don't know why, someone had stolen all the road signs! On a motorway you can't go left or right so we landed in the middle of Den Haag. That is one of the things I never wanted to do in my life! Now, after an hour or so we found the way out to drive back to the place with the stolen road signs. With some luck and after joining a traffic jam at the border of Den Haag we found the way to Zoetermeer. Meanwhile it was 5:00 pm and it started growing darker and darker. I couldn't see my hand before my eyes and somehow we had to manage a flying driver change. For the last 13 km Shammy took over and at least we arrived to our hotel! What a joy! My speedometer told me that we drove 573,50 km! I don't know how many miles it is but I can tell you: far too much for me!!!

Our hotel is wonderful, the room is very nice, the beds are incredible soft and cosy and I am sleepy and....nighty night!

Goede Morgen!!!

after a long and good beauty-sleep we were off to Leiden. We wanted to get our tickets for the tomorrow concert (tonight is the Zoetermeer-gig) and to visit the lovely old town. According to our hotel-route-map it was a walk of 2 km to the center. Ahem... one kilometer is thousand meter...right????? We walked and walked and.... just following the small sign-posts "Center". We went straight, we went right, then left, then straight again, right, right, left, straight.......

Ok, next time we better to not follow every little sign-post, maybe next time we better ask before running off! But we are young - we are still learning.......

But finally we found the center of Leiden and after a good breakfast we started to stroll around. The small old houses, the tiny shops and ateliers, the bridges over the grachten, the cobble-stone-pavements, on the left hand is a stone-house, on the right hand a house-boat, all that is so typically for Holland. More than 70 percent of Holland is under the sea level. The whole town of Amsterdam is built on piles. So you will see water all around in form of grachten or ponds or somewhat else.

Seagulls, swans and ducks belongs to the dutch cities as doves to the german's.

So we strolled around, I bought a lovely pullover and after our feet were dump we found a taxi carrying us home to our hotel.

And now we have to restaurate ourselves to make up "nice girls" because this night we will see our boys in Zoetermeer. Hopefully all healthy and by voice!

!! God Verdomme !!

James's first words in dutch!

Hi Folks,

we're back from an unforgettable night in Zoetermeer. The Stadstheater wasn't difficult to find. Our taxi-driver only had to ask for it one time ;-))

The Grote Zaal was nice, soft red chairs and again we could open our boys' slices - but we didn't.

The opening of the concert was very lively and the dutch audience was great. James introduces himself as "I'm James and I come from Zoetermeer" - an old gag but the audience loved it. Good mood from the beginning. Their voices were all back and I had the feeling that especially James wanted to show us HOW back he is! They sang some songs we missed at the german concerts, songs like "Marble Hall", "Oh my solo", "Fare thee well, Love". Niall left out his "Caruso" but again he gave us an amazing "Love of my Love". But Niall, please, stop telling me Freddie Mercury COULD HAVE BEEN a great tenor! He WAS a great tenor!!

Matthew's "Contender" and Deirdres solos showed us the family band - what great voices!

But in my eyes James had the best act this evening: after his wild-Widda-Cafferty-dance he, heavily breathing, bent over to Martin (a very good replacement for Karl) and gave it out! His incredible and irreversible "God Verdomme"!! I nearly fell off my chair when I heard it! Our James, looking harmless like a child and letting out such a bomb! Bravo!

In the second half, when the boys just finished a song, came Deirdre back on stage: a red and white Santa Claus-cap with long white plaits on her head, three other Santa Claus-caps for the boys in her hands. The lads put them on and sang three wonderful christmas songs: "What Child is this" with the melodie of greensleves, "Silent Night" and "I'm dreaming of a white christmas". Oh, it was so wonderful! Happily Shammy could get a video and some pics of it - sadly I couldn't see anything. After two hours, their "Time to say Goodbye" and two encores the concert was over.

The meet and greet was more than welcome to the people and I think they will not be the last time in Holland.

They spent some time with Shammy and me, Matthew was sitting next to me and we were chatting and kidding. It was a great evening with nothing left out. But all the best things has to come to an end and so we had to part. Shammy and me had some time to wait for the taxi and we went around the theater. Now, what shall I say, the artist-enter-door opened and Matthew, Tom (the original tonemaster from Ronnie Drew) and another guy came out. Now, another chat and the good wish for a safely way home.

They went back to Amsterdam, we went back to Leiden.

Yep, tonight we'll see them again, this time in "our parttime hometown" Leiden. Another great concert is waiting for us.

Ooops....Ahem....James....When will I hear your "Summer of my Dreams"....Live.....Hmmmmm???