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2004 Dutch concerts

reviewed by Anja


oh well, here were are back from our "Holland adventure" which in fact was VERY nice... so here's my review from the three concerts we vistited over the past few days.


First one was Heerlen - or better Kerkrade - where our first concert took place. After Beate collected me on the German side of the border we went over to Kerkrade and parked the car close to the theater - then we went off for a coffee as it was quite early. Some time later Cassie and Ricky joined us and while waiting in front of the theatre we met some familar faces:


Bettina with her husband and their kids, Ines and Marion and Marions mum, Gabi from Bielefeld and her husband and Margret and Alexandra who joined us, too... hope I did not forget anyone??? The theatre was quite packed and for the first half Cassie, Beate, Ricky and I were sittining in row 9 and had a good view to the full stage. How wonderful it was to see the guys in such a good mood. They seemed to enjoy every single moment of the concert and made some nice jokes. I will try to remember the songs they in the first half:


The Star of the County down
Mystic Lipstick
Ag criost an Siol/Fionnaghuala
The Contender
Nella Fantasia
She moved through the fair (Deirdre)
La Traviata
O sole mio

As there were quite a few spare seats in row two (where Alexandra, Gabi and Margret were) we decided to "move" for the second half and joined them in row two - so did Ines and Marion and Bettina which meant the row was full of fan club members:-))))) Again the guys were in very good form and this is what they sang:

Mary from Dungloe - without microphones which was AMAZING!!
Spanish Lady / Mairie's Wedding
The Prayer
Apron of flowers ( I think this is what John meant, it's a lively little piece from Northern Ireland)
and she also sang an amazing new piece which is called Once in a very blue moon (where she was joined by three talented backing singers called James, Niall and Matthew and they did their job okay *GGG*)
Whiskey in the Jar
Danny Boy
Remember Me / Recuerdame
followed by the three Christmas songs and Phil the Fluter's Ball as final encore

As I have just seen that John kindly sent a few of his photos (hugs to you, John, and hugs to Barb for posting them) you will know what the guys and Dee looked like - it was such a good laugh when the guys had finished their first two christmas songs and Deirdre came out in her "Miss Santa" dress with this sweet hat on passing along Santa hats to the guys and do White Christmas. They asked the audience to join in and eveyone did so about 500 fans people singing really gave me christmas feelings....

Ricky, Beate and I drove up to Amsterdam where we booked a hotel - sadly Ricky had to leave for her parents the next morning so it was Beate and Anja starting off for their next adventure - finding Velsen which in fact is only 27 kilometres away from Amsterdam... we hadn't planned to attend this concert, too but after such a great night we decided it would be silly to be in Amsterdam and NOT to go.... thank God Margret told us the concert in Velsen was at 2 in the afternoon so around 12 we started our journey find the venue... ohhh well... it was 1.30 when we finally got there as we could not find our way. When we got there Beate dropped me off to get tickets while she went to park the car.... What shall I say.... the lady at the ticket desk was very sweet - she had two tickets left in row 2 and when she heard about our journey and that we weren't Dutch she sold us the tickets for a special price. I really could not belive how lovely and friendly all those people were!!! Helping us to find our way, offering their help in any possible way is something you don't get too often in Germany... So there we were... sitting in row 2!!!!!! Again it was a lovely concert with lots of laughter and it was such a surprise to see Shammy and Dutchess during the signing! As it was still early we went for dinner with Margret and then back to Amsterdam for a stroll round the "red light district" with all the clubs and "coffee shops" and we ended up sitting in an Irish Pub with live music and slightly the same programme we heard that afternoon... lol.....


Off to Zutphen the next day where we were supposed to meet Veronika - but when we popped into the venue at lunchtime to pick up our tickets it wasn't Veronika but Shammy and Dutchess we met again - what a small world just to come when people you know are there just the same minute... Okay.... so that made 6 of us again (as we knew Margret and Veronika would be there for sure) but when the doors opened we also met Silke and her sister as well as Angelika who also decided to take the opportunity to come over to a concert close to the border :-) That night they changed the rooms in the venue as they had two shows running and the ticket price was the same for the whole venue anyway they decided to have "free seating" that night... I think this was sort of a boygroup feeling as we just stood in front of the door ready to head off to fight for a place in row 1 - well... sort of. In the end it was all of us from the club in the middle of row 1 and we all enjoyed our final concert of this year!

Veronika had brought the christmas wishes and she will tell you all about - photos to follow as soon as possible!!!!!

It really was hard to say goodbye not knowing when we will have a concert again so thank you to everyone who was involved: all the fans we met, the Dutch people who were so very friendly, Franz (James is right he's a bit surreal but very lovely) and of coure Martin, David, Deirdre, James, Matthew and Niall for three lovely nights out!!!