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2004-11-07 Braunschweig (Brunswick)

reviewed by Patricia


here is a short Braunschweig-report from me.


I was really afraid when I read Beate's review of Munich and so I started with mixed feelings in my first concert day.


My mother-in-law and I decided to start at 6 pm but a look on the tickets gave us a shock! We thought the concert will take place at 8 pm but on the tickets stand 7 pm. Now we must Hurried and started immediately at 5 pm. So we arrived Braunschweig at 6.15 pm.


While standing in the foyer, a few persons which first I didn't recogniced came upstairs. Suddenly I heard them calling "Patricia!" and I saw it was James, Niall, Deirdre and David returning from dinner!


It was a big surprise! James told me that he isn't infectious any more but he didn't feeling better... Poor James!


Niall told us proud and with a big smile, that he is feeling good and healthy!!! Then they had to go behind the stage and prepare for the concert.


The concert started and I saw that Matthew wasn't feeling good, too... Poor Boys, but they tried everything and they are really contenders!!!


I wasn't at the point as they sang "The wild rover" as the second song. I had chocolate-euros in my bag but I'd found them only then when the song was at it's end. :o( James took them with a big smile and said:"tztztz...too late!" How embarassing... ;o)


Niall was really a sensation!!! He sang for three! And it seems to be a big fun for him! Although the others were great, too.


I think I'd found another favourite song... "The Prayer" Matthew and Deirdre were faboulus! I think I like it more than the version of Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion...


Melting away during "Dein ist mein ganzes Herz" - it is really a special because you can feel that they sing it just for you!! (Thank you, James!) ;o)


The programme, I think, was nearly the same like in Düsseldorf but without "Love of my Life" and "Caruso". There were two encores: "Phil the fluter" and a wonderful a-capella-version of "Mary from Dungloe"...


The concert hall was only half filled and I think the reason for it is the insufficient promotion for the concerts. There were nothing to read about it in the papers and the posters were only in the ticket- centers...


Although the small audience gave their best with standing ovations!!!


After the concert there were no meet and greet... They really didn't feel good...:o(


But for this they did a wonderful show!!!! Thank you so much for it, James, Niall, Matthew, Deirdre, David and Karl!