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2004-11-06 Duesseldorf

reviewed by Andrea


almost nothing to add to Beate´s wonderful review. It was my first concert this year and I enjoyed it to the maximum! I was sorry for the boys when I heard they were all ill, but when I saw them on stage later I wouldn´t have thought they were sick if I hadn´t heard it before. Tell me about professionalism! WOW!!! I heard, though, the odd croak in Matthew´s voice, but again, only because I knew before that he wasn´t feeling too well. I probably wouldn´t have noticed, hadn´t I been told about it! Later, during the meet and greet he told me that everything from throat to chest felt like fire. Poor guy, I certainly know how awful that feels, and I don´t make a living of my voice! Deirdre sounded and looked as sensational as ever, so I think she´s ok, at least I haven´t heard differently.

James told us about his medication of onion juice, which obviously helped to cure his sore throat. I knew of this natural cure, but I find it rather disgusting ;-) Poor James, my deepest sympathy to you! Niall was fit and healthy and pure "Mr. Charming", like we all know him. Here´s an extra hug to you! And a huge BRAVO for you ever excellent Caruso. And of course for big Freddy´s Love of my life! I am as much a fan of FM as you!

I was so pleased to meet Maeve, the surprise guest. Maeve, you´re such a lovely lady, really, and I hope we´ll meet next year, like we said, when you come to see Veronika again:-) A big hug to you!

And it was lovely to see familiar faces and new faces (Beate)and to spend such a great night together with all of you and our lads!

Here´s to Cologne on Tuesday and another fantastic night!

James and Matthew, and poor David, please take good care of yourself, and Niall, Deirdre and Karl, do me the favour and don´t catch the virus, guys!

Lots of love to all of you,


Skye Celt

P.S.: Like last year, a couple of days before the concerts began my camera decided to play tricks on me, as if it WANTS to spoil the fun of taking pictures of the lads :-( So my share of pictures is tending to nothing, I´ll try to borrow a camera once again (like last year) and try to take some in Bad Nauheim, I promise.