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2004-11-06 Duesseldorf

reviewed by Veronika


I have been thinking what I could write to bring back some cheerfulness while we are all so sad about the Celtic Tenors' illness and the cancelled concerts! I am sooooo sad about that!


First of all: to James, Niall, Matthew, Deirdre,David and Karl, I feel so sorry for you and I hope anything sensible is done to make you get well again. Take your time to get back all your strength! And do take very good care of yourselves and your wonderful and precious voices. Your fans believe in you and will wait and be there when you are all fit again!


Now while there is nothing more I can do for them but send my best get well wishes to Deirdre and the lads, I might be able to cheer up their fans a little: I will try later to post a few photos taken after the Düsseldorf concert.


Beate and others have given best reviews already, so all will know the song list and all the little highlights you only get in CT concerts;-))))


I was very very worried before the concert, as I had read about James being ill, and when Anja told me before the concert that Matthew was starting as well..... I was so excited about it, and as you all know now, our lovely Maeve was there to share all the worries! And so many others fans... James looked so pale, and his and Matthew's eyes were red and looked sore,but as the concert was going on they were looking better and better. They DID give their best and I was so pleased and I enjoyed every moment and every sound of the concert. My friend Anne, she saw them for the first time, and I know she never quite understood why I like them THAT much. She raised her thumb when I turned to her during the show, and after the concert she said: when I entered this venue I was totally stressed, all my bones were aching and the muscles knotted, and now I feel light and refreshed and happy! Wonderful music, wonderful presentation, wonderful artists!!


So the Düsseldorf visitors were the lucky ducks who had meet and greet with all the boys, even James was signing and it was hardly possible to get near to him, so many were around him!!!! Maybe that was too much, they stayed signing for such a long time!!!!


To prove that Maeve was really here we had some photos taken, just watch the photo section.


Now this is a very very long message, just in case you did read until here: OT following: Maeve and I had 3 GORGEOUS days,but very very little sleep ;-)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


She even went to school with me on Monday and she taught the kids an English song. We had thoroughly prepared that on saturday night between 2 and 3 a.m..............., and there were more topics to follow before we finally went to bed at..