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2004-11-06 Duesseldorf

reviewed by Beate


I am kind of late with this report today  I returned to my parents' home at 2 am this morning and, literally, almost slept all day! It's actually kind of funny to write this now, knowing the concert in Braunschweig is "in full swing" at the moment! And hooray, my Yahoo account works from this computer!!!

Well, Barb, to answer your question  Niall is in fact the only one left who is still completely healthy (fingers crossed!!!) but he did not have to do the programme on his own!!! The Duesseldorf concert saw James looking healthier, although he says himself that he does not feel a lot better yet. He did not look as pale any more and he did more singing than the days before. David is still far from being fit, but looked better too  but& Matthew is obviously next in line for the virus. He did all his singing and it hardly showed, but he says he does not feel too well and is sure he is developing a cold now.

The Duesseldorf venue was a theatre, again a different surrounding than the days before. I was very glad to finally meet Alexandra and although Andrea, who I only new from emailing. We also met Veronika again  who actually had a very big surprise literally in tow, Maeve, who came all the way from Dublin. It was so nice to see them all again!

People are often asking me how I can go and see the same concert a few times  isn't it the same every time? I have stopped explaining this to "outsiders" but the answer would be, no, it's different every night. Holds true for Duesseldorf, too  it simply is a different atmosphere in the different venues, it's different crowds, and I still like to see the development in the people around me. Having a look at the merchandise before the concert, they might just buy a programme, but you can be sure half of them run back during the break to get one or even more CDs and it is just amazing to listen to the conversations around you. Plus, I still enjoy every song the lads and Deirdre do, no matter how often I have seen it before.

Again, as usual, there were a few changes: "Remember me" was out of the programme, "Dublinia" was the closing number for the first half, and "Spanish Lady" which had not been in the programme before was the opening of the second part. Niall's second solo was again "Love of my life" (it came right after Matthew's "Contender", and Niall's introducing words were: "Well, Jack Doyle was a good singer  but Freddy Mercury was better!"), and the encores were "Phil the Fluter" and "Mary of Dungloe". Niall took of his tie before doing "Caruso"  an example quickly followed by Matthew and James, so they looked a little more casual (and comfortable). And they changed "Danny Boy" a bit  returning to last year's version which is half German and which I adore.

"O sole mio" is still out of the programme, but they did do more teasing on stage. When Matthew announced "The Contender", Niall and James started to make fun of him and repeated a lot of things he said from their position on the back side of the stage  literally discussing what he said or mimicking him. They really seemed to enjoy this and it was a good laugh for everybody.

For the first time during the German tour, they did a full signing after the concert, with all three of them present, and the line of people seemed endless. So, as the other three concerts before, it was a great success!

To be honest  I know this is greedy  I can hardly wait for Hanover tomorrow&.