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2004-11-05 Munich

reviewed by Beate


a short note on the concert in Munich - and a word of warning, it's not entirely good news this time.


St. Lukas's church is a beautiful, big church with the most amazing walk to the altar: from the doors to the front of the church, there are thousands of pictures of parish members under glass and you actually walk on them. Family scenes, holiday scenes, snapshots, weddings, baby pictures - it is amazing and it gives the church so much life.


The acoustics were great too and those tenor voices were more gripping in this building than ever. But before we actually got to the voices - here's the bad news I was talking about: for the first time in their 5 years together - so they announced - they needed a doctor's visit backstage and the concert started about! 15 minutes late. The number of patients has increased to three - with David to start with, who was riding a temperature and looked white as a sheet. Let me say that - he played an incredible concert and nobody would have been able to tell he's not allright - but it was appalling to see he was hardly able to stand up after the concert.


James is still suffering from the virus, too - although he looked a lot better during the concert yesterday than he did in Frankfurt, at least a little colour has returned to his face. He did sing but again Matthew and Niall took over a few of his verses, and did all the solos. Yes they sang their hearts out again. There is such a great camaraderie between those three and it was very touching to see how, with just looks and nods and questioning eyebrows, those three communicated who would do what, and how Niall and Matthew took care of James, smiling encouragement to him all the time.


And from what we've heard announced - though his voice did not show at all - Matthew has caught the virus too and is ! in the early stages of a cold or, worst case scenario, the flu. It will not help that the guys have one on the longest drives today from Munich to Duesseldorf, meaning six hours at least. So fingers crossed everybody, hope they all feel better soon and hope the remaining healthy ones - Deirdre and Niall - won't catch the virus! For all the German members attending the concerts over the next days - I do not know if this was the one exception yesterday - but due to the lads not feeling well, they did not do a signing after the concert. James did not do any signings during the tour so far, and they have always decided on a very short notice after the shows whether there is a meet and greet afterwards.


To the concert: it was almost the same set list as in Frankfurt, just in a little different order sometimes, but it was the most breathtaking venue I have seen and heard them in. The church carried the voices so beautifully that there was a stunned silence ! after every single song, until the last sound had evaporated, which wa s actually a few seconds after the guys had stopped singing. I had goosebumps all over and especially during Caruso, Remember me, and The Prayer, I could not stop the tears from flowing. Niall did "I hear you calling me" as a second solo, which was - as far as I can remember - the only song change to the programme.


Given that it was a church, there was of course no stage, the guys were standing just a few steps up in the altar area, and would sometimes wander down and be directly in front of the people. It was a night to remember, and it was worth every single minute of hassle and hurry during the day - Frankfurt- Munich is 400 km one way and we could only leave mid-day and returned during the night, making it home at 3 am. But I would not have missed that special atmosphere of last night for anything.


I took pictures at the church, but unfortunately my PC is playing up this morning and I can't access the Yahoo page, so it'll be a while now until I can post them -! I am on my way to Duesseldorf soon and will then use my parents' home as a base for the "northern" concerts. I might get their internet to work for reviews, but the camera programmes are all on this one... I promise to post them next weekend, though.