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2004-11-03 Frankfurt


First row, middle, we could touch the stage and untie the shoe-laces from the Boys! But we didn't ;-)


David and Karl entered the stage, the concert started and I got two-three shots from flash-lights into my left eye.


And, here we are! That damned eye decited: Ok, without me! and it still doesn't work! So, all the following typos are coming from typing with one eye - and that's not my best one!


Ok, when typing I'll use my fingers but I guess it will be a good excuse;-)


The Boys came on stage and started with Caledonia?? Gosh, I grow old! Ok, I remember the songs but I lost the sequence of them. Surely because of my eye!


The first thing I noticed: poor James looked so bad. That guy would have better stayed in bed, rather than beeing on stage! He excused himself beeing sick but he tried to give his best. I don't believe that he did himself a favour with singing. He looked feverish and his voice sounds not very good. Poor Celtic Baritone!


Matthew and Niall tried to sing for three and what shall I say? They SANG for three. For me it is still unimaginable how such a dainty man like Niall is able to bring out sooo much voice and breath! He stood directly in front of me and I couldn't see a compressor or something else! Unbelievable!


He sang his Caruso - he felt his Caruso - it was fantastic. And Matthew's voice is still growing more and more. He gave the Contender and a beautiful song named "Prayer" together with Deirdre. His voice gets richer and he reaches a fuller dimension than last year (in my ears!)


Deirdre sang She Moved Through the Fair (not my personal favourite - it is a very very slow song) and Quiet Land of Erin sung in gaelic. I liked more the faster piece from her, the name I've forgotten.


And all traditionals like Fionnghuala (remember my left eye!) Spanish Lady, the Wild Rover, Star of the County Down and so on.


Their (Gosh, I have to type it again) Fionnghuala brought out some laughter because they sang it so fast, no wonder that James is sick now!


No one can sing this song so fast without having a broken tongue afterwards! Sorry Boys, but I couldn't stifle my laughter.


They sang the Mystic Pizza, no, Lipstick - , David started with the music of (Nessum Dorma? you know - my left eye!) and just before I started to smell - excuse me - to smelt in my seat they turned over to Phil the Fluters Ball! With James dancing 50 cm in front of me I quickly closed contact to the stranger next seat! Ok, I nearly jumped on his lap!


God James! Have you ever thought about loosing your shoe???? I still want to live for awhile!!!


Only two more things to say:

1. If you ever are blank in your purse, don't try to get some money from Shammy! It doesn't work!! Niall tried so hard to get a few pennies from her to get a drink - NOTHING!!!! So our Wild Rover had to stay sober!!


2. Last year they didn't sang it. They sang it yesterday but I wasn't there. They sang it in Canada but I wasn't there. And what happened today??? Poor James was sick and not by voice and couldn't sing it today!


Will I ever hear his Summer of my Dreams??? Life?? On stage?


After the concert the Boys were closed up behind the high barrier to give their autographs! No change for me to get one but I will have two more trials!!


But Shammy was able to catch a pic with Matthew, Niall and me. On this time our sick Boy cuddled and slept in his warm bed - hopefully - to get healthy or even better!!


It was nice to meet Marianne again and Cassie and a few others, their names I don't know - I couldn't see them.


Now, I'm still not sure if THIS has gotten some kind of a review or if it still is what it is.


The trial to put songs, feelings, a mad left eye, a beautiful evening and stiff fingers all in one. And now I'm tired.