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2004-11-03 Frankfurt

reviewed by Beate

Just returned from the Frankfurt concert - another great night in the Alte Oper. It's not as late as yesterday so I hope my English will be better today!

Bad news first - unfortunatley, James was feeling even worse than yesterday. So the programme was slightly changed, with all of James's solos gone (both "Summer of my dreams" and "O Sole Mio") and Niall and Matthew taking over more of his parts in the other songs.

As for the changes, "Nella Fantasia" was back in the programme in the first half, and Deirdre's solo was "She moved through the fair".

Niall was in absolutely brilliant form today - countless high "Cs" and "Caruso" was just just just beautiful. Moreover, we were treated to another of his solos - "Love of my Life" - in the second part and that was definitely the time to get the tissues out.

"Phil the Fluter" closed the first half and the opening of the second half was "Dublinia". Back in the programme were "La Donna è mobile" and - as second encore after standing ovations - "Mary from Dungloe" a capella.

There were smiling faces all around and the audience was very receptive throughout the whole concert, clapping along and (sometimes) even singing along. Crying along too (at least for my part).

What I admire most is the fun those guys have on stage; they really enjoy themselves and that is infectous for the audience!

Hopefully we were able to give back a little bit of the joy and fun today - the fanclub had a special surprise for the guys, in the form of red heart-shaped cushions with little arms and hands to wave with. Almost everybody in the first row was equipped with one and we had them all hidden under the seats. As soon as the boys launched into "Dein ist mein ganzes Herz", we all bent down and got the cushions out, and started to wave and clap with those little hands.

It was greeted by incredulous looks first, and then laughters from both the stage and the audience behind us. Niall and Matthew both grabbed a cushion, and Matthew even danced with it, it was really hilarious. So here's to you guys... our hearts just go out to you!

I have taken some pictures today and will put them into the photo section once this post is out!