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2004-11-02 Stuttgart

reviewed by Beate


Hello everybody, I have just returned from Stuttgart and it's 2 am here, but as I am watching the US election coverage anyway, I thought I might as well pop in here and give a short review of the first German concert.


Please forgive me for the spelling and grammar mistakes which I think are inevitable at this time of day (night)... The tour is titled "An intimate evening with the Celtic Tenors" and the programme is a mixture of their usual Irish programme and the classical songs we have heard in Dublin in the Greatest Tenors show. They are only accompanied by David at the piano, and one of their band members, Karl, at the guitar. And of course, Deirdre is in the show, too.


James apologised right from the beginning for not being in his best voice, due to a cold. He stood back in a few songs (for example, Niall took over his lines during "Remember me") but did all the rest as beautiful as ever!


I "braved" the task of writing down a song list which (I think!) is complete. Here we go...


The first part started with "Star of the County Down", followed by my much-loved "Caledonia", "The wild rover", and "The town I loved so well". Then there were two songs in Irish, "Ag criost an siol" and "Fionnghuala". Did I imagine it or did they do it - yet again - faster??? This language never seizes to amaze me and taking classes in Irish is one of the top priorities for Dublin! After that, it was time for a solo from James - "Summer of my dreams" - and Niall's and Deirdre's "The last rose of summer". Deirdre stayed on stage to do a solo on her own, but it was a new song and I have no idea of the title. The boys joined her for an operetta title, before they announced they would now sing a few classical songs. To quote Niall on this: "Tenors just do that from time to time." It was "Cielo e Mar" (known from the Dublin programme) and Niall's "Caruso". (When is the release date of this new CD for the endless repeat?) After that, they did "O Sole Mio" - James still translated it into his solo - but it was a lot quieter as usual, without jumping around and trying to steal the show from the others, but still funny in it's own way. Yet, it's unusual NOT to see them trying to outdo the others on this one. The first part of the concert was wrapped up by "Nessun Dorma".


The second part started with "Granada" and Matthew's "The Contender". Thanks Matthew for this one... just love it! After "Mystic Lipstick" Deirdre reappeared, announcing a new song (new to me, that is) with the name "Gathering mushrooms". As she said herself, it is an Irish song in jazzy style, pretty fast, and she encouraged people to clap along. Then it was back to the more quiet side, with her doing "The quiet land of Erin" in Irish. Whew. The next song brought tears to my eyes. I've heard it in Dublin but it gets more touching every time: "The Prayer", made famous by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli, by Deirdre and Matthew.


The following song was dedicated to all members of the Fanclub who were present (as Niall said: "So many familiar and smiling faces here!") and especially to Anja on her birthday: it was "Dein ist mein ganzes Herz". Thanks lads. The audience then got very enthusiastic during "Whiskey in the Jar", only to be stunned back into silence (once again) by "Remember me" and "Danny Boy". You know the evening has passed to quickly when it's "Time to say goodbye" again! The lads (and Deirdre) got a standing ovation, and did two encores - "Ireland's Call" and "Phil the Fluter's ball". As usual, there was a signing after the show, with Deirdre, David, Niall and Matthew. James was not there, understandably, as he was not feeling well. So James - get better soon! There's nine more concerts to go over here...


The next one will be in Frankfurt tomorrow night (oops, no, it's actually TODAY) and I am really looking forward to it. And there's no driving involved this time either! And I better get to bed soon....