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2004-10-15 Dublin, NCH

reviewed by Beate


in short words, the shows we've seen were completely overwhelming and very different from the concerts I have seen before. James, Matthew and Niall were telling the stories of the world's greatest tenors, from Caruso and MacCormack via Mario Lanza to Pavarotti, Carreras and Domingo - and finally themselves. We learnt some sad and tragic stories, we learnt about tenor rivalry, about how fame can destroy a person, about the constant bickering between tenors and sopranos, and lots of other bits and pieces. All this was told in between beautiful opera arias and tributes to other tenors - and an operetta medley to get into a lighter mood towards the intermission - what can I say? Superb, touching, moving, and then funny again at the same time!


Of course Deirdre was in all three concerts, Sandra Oman was guest soprano in Limerick, and there was a soprano group called "Prima Diva" in both Dublin concerts, they were fabulous. There was also a full orchestra and choir in the National Concert Hall both Friday and Sunday.


I had actually hoped to get some notes together today for the detailed report, but as it turned out, one colleague is away for the week and one is off for the day on very short notice to attend a funeral, so I am up to my ears in paper, phone and filing...