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2004-10-15 Dublin, NCH

reviewed by Cassie


Well, my friends, let me warn you that this will be a huge email! I hope that I won't bore you nevertheless!


Summarizing all concerts, I would say, it was a blast!! Extraordinary, fantastic and very very special! Too bad, that the guys didn't make a DVD out of this, because it was incredible and I am sure that a lot of people would love to see this wonderful show as well!!!


The guys appeared at the National Concert Hall (NCH) in Dublin and in the Concert Hall of the University of Limerick.


Let me tell you in advance that the NCH is a very classy and impressing venue with a candelabrum in the foyer, an organ and a very good acoustics.


The concerts always started with "La donna e mobile" and they lads wore very classy black evening dresses. In Dublin they were accompanied by a huge choir and an orchestra (which both were great!), their common band (consiting of Karl, Danny, Lloyd, Gary, and of course David and Deirdre) as well as by an organist and an additional conductor. Their special guests for Dublin were three handsome and amazing sopranos called PrimaDiva (coming from Scotland and Ireland respectively) which fitted perfectly to the operatic program of the guys. In Limerick, on Saturday, they were accompanied by their common band and Sandra Oman, a well known and highly decorated Irish soprano (she won several opera contests), instead of PrimaDiva. The Celtics and their guests did great shows which offered insights into the tenor history, their friendship to others as well as their rivalry between them, their relationship to sopranos (who is getting the highest fees and who annoys who by holding the high notes), their success and as well their tragedies. The story began with Caruso and McCormack and went on with Mario Lanza and later Pavarotti and Bocelli. The history span over a hundred years and still continues to nowadays... The Celtic Tenors presented it very interestingly and I learned a lot about these times. I can't remember the chronological order of the songs, but I hope you don't mind! And sorry, if I forget some... maybe someone else can add some more...!?


Following songs were sung during the shows: La donna e mobile (as mentioned before), Caruso (I still have those goose bumps, Niall!!!


You were fantastic!!!!), A love so beautiful, Star of the County Down, Time to say good-bye (together with Deirdre), The prayer (duet of Matthew and his sister Deirdre; just wonderful!!), Danny Boy (breathtaking as always), The Pearlfisher Duet (lovely), Remember me, By my love (if I remember correctly), Last rose of summer, different operetta songs (sorry can't remember the titles, but there were solo's of each of the lads which were amazing!), and of course as already mentioned by John and Beate "O solo mio". This time it was not James' solo, because the lads portrayed different rival tenors (a Swede, James, an Austrian, Matthew with a monocle... great fun!, and an Italian, Niall) and each one tried to draw the attention of the audience to him. I guess Niall might be the most successful one doing this, because he ran upstairs at the NCH and sang from the balcony astonishing not just the visitors on the balcony!! :-D In the meantime the others complained by David... ;-) At the end of the song all three threw flowers to the audience. After the interval the guys said good-bye to the tenors of the past and started with Granada. The guys wore dark suits and a white tie, very elegant! After a few songs PrimaDiva and Sandra Oman were introduced, respectively. They sang some solo songs without the tenors, and especially Amazing Grace by PrimaDiva moved me to tears. It was sung a capella, just with a small support from the choir during the refrain, really touching and wonderful!!! After that the (friendly) teasing with the tenors continued (discussion about the fees and the high notes). What did the ladies say? Oh yes, tenors are the worst nightmares of sopranos! *LOL*


Together with the Celtics PrimaDiva and Sandra Oman & Deirdre, respectively, sang a medley of songs from Westside Story by L. Bernstein. Another highlight of the evenings in Dublin was Carl Orff's Carmina Burana with orchestra and choir (what a thrill!)! As always, time went by much too fast and the concert was over. After well deserved standing ovations the lads did some encores. They sang twice the parody of Galway Bay which is terrific and very funny and the audience cheered and laughed a lot. As well they sang Nessun Dorma at all three venues and Santa Lucia (but just at the NCH concert on Sunday instead of Galway Bay). As you all can imagine, the shows were wonderful and beautifully sung and of course our favourite tenors looked great, very elegant in the evening dresses especially. James lost much weight and looks fabulous in a cutaway!! The others looked great, too, but James looked perfectly in it! James, I hope you don't blush by this compliment, but that's my opinion! And I am sure that some other would agree... ;-)


Congratulations for three remarkable shows and many thanks for sharing your incredible talent with us, James, Niall & Matthew, and of couse Deirdre and David, too! Thanks as well to Yvonne Barclay, Gina Hanley and Debra Stuart (PrimaDiva) for two wonderful shows and some good laughters after the shows! :-D I enjoyed the concerts very much and will treasure the memory about them forever!