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2004-09-26 Chicago

reviewed by Linda and Gary


Let me say that seeing the Celtic Tenors is like basking in the sun, you are clothed in warmth. When watching other tenors sing together, you see distinct personalities separated by cordiality. When watching the lads you see a family of playful boys, young men with great talent and caring individuals melded into a respectful union.


Where other tenors represent different counties or countries, the Celtic Tenors are "Ireland". One should never miss the opportunity of a Celtic Tenor concert.


What can anyone say other than "WOW, we were blown away" with the Celtic Tenors, David Munro and Deirdre. David does indeed look like a clean cut Steven Spielberg and as great a talent. Deirdre is utterly exqiusite.




The three-hour drive to Chicago was spent listening to the "Dream Team". We are lucky enough to own their 3 CD's. Our anticipation was increased and our senses were heightened.


We arrived 45 minutes before show time and marveled at the contemporary St. Patrick's High School. As soon as the doors opened we found our seats-2nd row right in the middle. We could have leaned over and touched the guys.




The performance started with Grenada and the goose bumps formed and a smile erupted and stayed on my face for the next 3 hours. Next came Caledonia. During Spanish Lady/ Marie's Wedding the audience clapped throughout the whole song. James commented on how sore our hands must be getting and that usually and audience claps only for the chorus. We behaved as instructed for Wild Rover but forgot our instructions later in the evening. Next was the tongue twister Fionnghuala. The audience was asked to sing with the guys at the end and of course there was much laughter. During Nella Fantasia, Deirdre joined our lads and then she sang a solo I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls. The lads came back on stage to once again sing with Deirdre a familiar Italian sounding song that we have no idea the name of. Deidre exited and the boys went into Mama Mia, The Town I Loved So Well, Mary from Dungloe, (my all time favorite) Remember Me/Requerdame and finally an operatic song that was definitely very recognizable but alas my memory is not as it used to be. My ability to remember things in foreign languages has escaped me. (If you don't use it, you lose it).




During intermission we met other CT Fans. Maggie Mae and I agreed that the CT's are not promoted enough. If you don't know where the concerts are, you can't buy the tickets. Thank goodness we have a fan club. Did Allene travel the farthest for the Chicago concert?




The flickering lights bade us back to our seats and the boys came out in full force with So Strong. James then dedicated A Love So Beautiful (Gary's personal favorite) to all the fans attending the concert. He was even able to name us all. Next was Niall alone on stage to perform Love of My Life (I melted). The comic O Solo Mio, (we roared) was followed by The Star of County Down. Deirdre came out to sing Song for Ireland. She is definitely stunning and Matthew is a proud brother. The poignant Fields of Athenry preceded Matthew's The Contender (we felt the pain). To liven things up a bit, we clapped to Whiskey in the Jar. The boys, wonderful version of Danny Boy was next (you know I never really cared for this song until I heard the CT's sing it) and the final song was A Time to Say Goodbye.


Did I say final? With two standing ovations the lads were coaxed to sing Ireland's Call with audience participation and Phil the Fluter's Ball.




The CT's meet and greet mesmerized fans after each performance. They are hosts welcoming you into their "home" and making you feel welcome. For those of us who were tongue-tied and awestruck in their presence, we were enveloped into their genuine warmth and friendliness/ Friendly patter was exchanged while signing autographs and accepting small gifts. They also take the time to have photos taken. My fervent hope is that when they are singing to thousands at a single concert, that they will still have the time for we members of the fan club. The personal hugs, kisses and remembrances will keep us going for a lifetime.


We did indeed leave with sore hands and I left with impressions of warm kisses on glowing cheeks.