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2004-09-26 Chicago

reviewed by Jessica


I don't quite know what I can add to what has already been said about the Chicago concert. I went with Lisa, one of my best friends, and she had never heard their music before. She had heard of them, because I talk about them, but she hadn't had a chance to actually listen to one of their CDs, so that made it even better. Our adventure started when we left the dining hall at 5:30 Monday evening to start the long CTA (public transportation) trip across the city. The entire way, I was bouncing with excitement, which she said was "cute." (She calls me that a lot.)


We eventually got to the theater, where we met other members of the club. It really is great seeing a performance when you know there are other people who love the performers as much as you do. I got chills the minute the tenors started singing. I won't go through all of the songs because they've already been covered. I will say that I laughed at their antics and because of the sheer fun they had in performing, which is evident to every member of the audience. I found myself crying and feeling pride in places I have never seen and feeling an incredible longing to jump on a plane and see those places. Imagine my delight to find Lisa laughing and crying right along with me. At the intermission, I turned to her and said I was in heaven. She sort of laughed and said she was too. Yet another fan won over by the wonderful Celtic Tenors! Dierdre was also amazing...truly the voice of an angel. I have never heard a version of Song for Ireland that touched me as much as her's did. I think my favorite moment of the concert was when the guys sang "Ireland's Call" as an encore with the audience singing along. And of course, there was the part where James slipped in the "Lake Shore Drive" bit in the second verse, which was priceless. My poor Lisa was so overcome that she was in tears once again. She is part Irish and has a greater love for Ireland than any I have ever seen before.


Then came the chance to actually meet them and get an autographed poster, which added the cherry to the top of a perfect sundae. And Matthew gave me a kiss on the cheek because I was so enthusiastic. I would have loved to stay and talk to them, but Lisa and I had to begin the long trekbacktocampus.BR She had a 9am class the next morning, and it just would not do for her to miss the first class. :) But I continued to sing and bounce all the way back and far into the night. In fact people have told me that I am still glowing.


On another note, but one which is still related, I started my swimming class today. People claim it's not possible to have a pisces who is afraid of water, but trust me, it is. Luckily I have a friend in the class who was incredibly supportive. Still, I was pretty shaken up by the time it was over. I've been working on being in the water over the summer, so it's not as bad, but I still panic when my face is in the water. I digress. What I wanted to say was that when I got back, I needed to calm down so I could go about the rest of my day. The first thing I thought of was music, and what better than The Celtic Tenors' "So Strong?" By the end of the song, I was laughing and even dancing around my room. I just wanted to say that it never ceases to amaze me how much strength can be found in music, especially now that I have the memory of Monday night to accompany it.