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2004-09-26 Chicago

reviewed by Beverly


I have finally come down to earth after two glorious days of two glorious performances. What can I say? They were fantastic! Several times their singing gave me chills - it was so beautiful. They are so gifted. They are true gentlemen - it is a great reflection on their upbringing and training. Deirdre's voice is that of an angel's, and I told her so. They all looked great and very handsome. Their photos do not do them justice! And, of course, Deirdre is beautiful. But that goes without saying. And David, too, is handsome. Does he look like Steven Spielberg to any of you? I think he sort of resembles him! I'll bet he'd be surprised to hear that. I like this kind of venue - not overcrowded, and much more personal. And you can see them perfectly. No need for binoculars! But I feel they are not promoted enough and they deserve to be. It was so great meeting them and taking pictures of them and with them. James even remembered my club name - Windy City Celt! Can you believe that! I never, in a million years, expected him to know that, or for that matter, mention it. For some reason I enjoyed Monday's performance more than Sunday's. I think it is probably because I was in shock on Sunday that I was actually there. The last time they were in Chicago (Dec. 2002!) I was sick the whole weekend and didn't get to see them at the Park West or in Long Grove. I couldn't believe that nothing had made it impossible for me to attend this time. I, too, took today off from work. There was no way I was going to be able to stay on earth today after last night's performance and getting home late. I did go to work on Monday, but I was really in a bad mood all day. I wonder why?! David was very nice, too, but he seems very quiet. I did hear him speak and that Scottish accent is music to my ears! There was a section in Sunday's Sun Times about Scotland, and I wish that I had remembered to bring it with me. Maybe he would have enjoyed seeing how Chicago describes the places to visit there. It was great to meet some of the fans. I hope we can get together again soon - maybe next year, fingers crossed. I think that's it for now. All I can think of is that they are not in Chicago any more. And that makes me sad.