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2005-12-09 In-Store Signing Fame Record Shop Amsterdam

reviewed by Beate


Well& day two of our pre-Christmas holiday adventure to Amsterdam& what a beautiful city! Anja and I took our time during the morning, went to the city center, and strolled along the shopping streets and the canals. There really is a lot to see and there are also lots of museums, really a pity that we did not have enough time to do it all!

After lunch, we went to the Fame Record Store in Kalverstraat. This is the busiest shopping street in Amsterdam, and the shop is almost right beside the Royal Palace. Very good location& but& the best location doesnt work if the marketing for the event is less than poor. Earlier in the day we had been in the shop, and had found the piano and everything else prepared in the classical section which was well hidden in the basement of the building. There were also CD recommendations for Remember me on the walls, but who on earth was going to see that in the basement? The classical section had doors on both sides, meaning there were not even people passing through looking for something else! There was no sign on the shop doors, nothing in the windows, and the sign that finally made it to the door of the shop was not there when we went past at lunchtime  meaning, it cant have been up for more than two hours.

As it turned out, it was indeed very Up, close and personal  with not even all of the maybe 20 chairs filled when the lads started singing. It surely was not their fault that (as James said very poignantly) they knew almost all audience members by name! However, the people who had no idea what was going on and were just looking for CDs in the department, or who had just been passing by the doors, all risked a look  and stayed. And smiled&

Despite that meagre public response (again, one can only respond if asked beforehand) the tenors were all dressed up in suits, and looked quite impressive. They performed four songs: Grenada, Star of the County Down, You raise me up, and Remember me.

Andreas experience that even the people upstairs on the cash desk had no idea what was going on did not surprise me in the least  really a pity because with a little more effort they could have attracted a lot of customers, but alas&

Just out of interest, I checked the shop one more time before I left Amsterdam. They had not even managed to move the piano out of the classical section and it was still stuck in the middle between the CD shelves. The recommendations, though, were still up and the Remember me CDs were still prominently displayed!