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2005-10-27 Promotional Gig Toronto

reviewed by Barb


Another very successful promotional gig took place at the Waterfall Stage today in Toronto, gathering lots of the lunch time crowd who thoroughly enjoyed the lads' singing. Just like last March, there was immense applause after each song. The song list was exactly the same as last night's with a couple of additions.

Donna joined the lads on stage for Nella Fantasia and she also performed a solo, Katie, a song written by Jimmy McCarthy, with the lads backing her. As in March, Niall's Aunt Bernadette came from Guelph to enjoy the performance, along with Niall's cousin Maria and her son and nephew. Niall dedicated one of the songs to his aunt. My friend, Gloria, joined me today and has become an instant fan. We met up with Joyce beforehand and helped to put flyers out, which were quickly grabbed by fans.

HMV had the new CDs on sale and the lads did an autograph session after their performance. It was wonderful to see the long line up of new fans waiting their turn to meet the tenors.

We spent the time chatting with Joyce, Bernadette and family, David and Donna while the lads were busy with autograph seekers.

Had another quick hug and chat session with the boys before they headed off for lunch.