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2005-10-26 Album Launch Toronto

reviewed by Barb


Just a quick report on tonight's get together with the CTs. I thought it was to be a new CD launch but it was more of an `introduce the CTs to Canada' launch. No CDs available there but we should be able to get some tomorrow at the promotional concert at First Canadian Place.

I went with a friend to the Speakeasy Nightclub, arriving about 6:30. We took a taxi downtown - the nightclub is located on Church street near Queen, not really what I would call the nicest area. In fact when we stopped in front of the club, we thought there was some mistake as the building look rather like it was an empty, condemned edifice... very dingy from the outside. The cabbie very nicely went to check for us and opened a door and said, it's okay, the club is upstairs.

As we made our way in (up 2 flights of stairs), there was a coat check but we decided since it was so cold inside to keep our coats with us - wise decision. There are 2 levels to the the club and we wisely stayed on the lower level where the bar, the food and the small stage were located.

The first person we ran into was Niall who was chatting with Jane Harbury, who is promoting the new CD on behalf of Telarc. We were introduced and told there was food available and to help ourselves which we did. There were already a number of guests there so we chatted for a bit. I was happy to tell a few people about the new CD and about the tenors.

We bumped into David and had a really nice chat with him. He was telling us about the concert last night in Toccoa, Georgia and that they just arrived in Toronto from Atlanta at 2 this afternoon. Matthew was next but we were cut short as he had to go off to be interviewed with the others by some TV network (didn't catch which station). By this time we saw Joyce, so we went and talked to her and managed to get a table right in front of the small stage. David brought Donna Malone over and introduced us and she sat with us for the evening. A very charming young soprano who I think is rather excited to be on tour with our lads.

At this point, Richard Mills got up on stage and introduced the tenors. He explained how he first saw the tenors in Oakville last year - it was his intention only to stay for the first half of the Oakville concert, but once he heard the tenors, stayed for the whole performance, met them after and is now their North American agent.

The tenors then bounded on stage to the lively "Star of the County Down".

They sang for about half an hour. Here is a list of their songs:


You Raise Me Up
Spanish Lady
Non Siamo Isole (Wonderful!!!)
Danny Boy

At this point Matthew introduce Donna Malone who joined them for Time To Say Good Bye

And the final number of the evening was a superb rendition of Air Supply's All Out Of Love - really superb.

They then left the stage and went to mingle with the crowd. I was again chatting with David when James came over to say a quick hello.

We didn't stay too long after that, but will see them again tomorrow at their promotional gig at First Canadian Place. Also, first thing in the morning they will be on one of our nationally televised morning shows, Canada AM.